Shirish R. Kulkarni, Chirag P. Surti


Banking sector in India play a very important role for country’s economic growth. Banking companies include commercial banks and co-operatvie banks. In banking sector major reforms have taken place particularly after 1991. Co-operative banks are one which is facing the numbers of problems and such banks are unable to survive them against public sector, private sector and foreign banks. The UCB’s are facing the problems of Non-performing assets since so many years which indicate the performance of UCB’s in India. The numbers of UCB’s in India has declined is due to the increase in NPA and the RBI directive imposed over UCB’s and large numbers of merger / amalgamation had taken place in the co-operative sector.

The NPA’s is also a parameter which shows the financial soundness of any banks. Here in this paper the authors try to analyze the NPA’s of UCB’s and had taken the period from 2001 to 2011 for the study. However, RBI Report on trend and progress of banking in India shows the data for gross NPA and Net NPA of UCB’s.


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