Tahir Ahmad Wani, Sarwat Mushtaq


The banking sector in India has always been considered as a premiere service sector. It has gone through various reforms in the last couple of decades. Constant efforts have been made to better the services and their quality delivered to the customers. Customers also have left the traditional ways of banking. The essence of banking has moved far above from just keeping safe the money. The heightened competition and versatility in the services provided by banks has made both the corporate and the retail clients to become more choice-based and product-oriented towards the banks. It has led customers to turn less ‘loyal’ towards a particular bank.

This paper tries to analyze customer satisfaction in the Indian banking sector towards the various services offered to them. A case study of Jammu & Kashmir Bank (J&K Bank) was undertaken to analyze various dimensions of services and its impact on the customer satisfaction. A questionnaire was devised to get responses from customers of the bank for their loyalty about the services of the bank and the chances of their defection.


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