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Dr. A. N. Patel, Dr. S. K. Bhatt, Jaykumar R. Joshi


As individual investors, investment decision is a very important aspect. This investment decision may influence various factors; individual investors have a different kind of needs and wants towards their future requirement. Mutual fund plays crucial role for all the type of the investors, now a day mutual fund is attractive investment avenue. Mutual fund organizations are creates significance in the financial market.

The study tries to know the investors perception towards the investment in mutual funds. Descriptive research design applies for the present study. The target population will be individual investors from Vadodara city area of relatively affluent western state of Gujarat (India). The research will be based on the convenience sampling with 200 investors as sample size. The present research would tries to identify the investor’s perceptions towards mutual fund investments and the main reasons for investment in mutual fund schemes. The present research also tries to investigate various factors that investors are thinking before selecting the any mutual fund schemes. This study is concern with the behavioral finance area and focusing on the investment behavior of individual investors.


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