STM believes it is in the interest of scholarly and professional publishers, their authors and the scholarly and professional community as a whole to facilitate the exchange of scholarly and professional information by setting out common general principles with respect to the granting of permissions between publishers. These principles are designed to encourage publishers to permit the use of limited amounts of material in other published works without charge, and with a minimum of administration.

STM publishers support an approach based on common decency and fairness as well as mutual trust. They recognized that scholarly works often require the direct reproduction of illustrative material (such as figures, tables, structures) for the purposes of discussion or comparison with other data, and that the electronic version of a book or article needs to contain the same illustrative material in order to maintain the authenticity of the record in both print and digital form. While database content is not covered in these Guidelines, we note that publishers are providing journal and book content through online systems, whether proprietary or third party, and that the distribution of such content through such systems is the type of electronic version contemplated by these Guidelines.

They therefore recommend the attached guidelines as the best working practice for dealing with permissions.

Click to download ‘STM Permission Guidelines’ for brief reading and better understanding.