We lead through trust and collaboration. Everything we does is guided by general principles and values relating to integrity, excellence, community, individuality, diversity, and inclusiveness; well supported by approach as “Easy access to quality research creates quality research, leads to effective learning and help in transforming education system for social, cultural, economical, technological, legal, political and trade development”.


Through our policies, publications and actions, we foster a high level of integrity among all our reviewers, authors and member of editorial board.


By setting high standards in academic publications, we strive for excellence in all our endeavours.


Corporate and Academics learn most effectively through teamwork and collaborations. We strives to foster a sense of community among all associations with corporate, society and academicians.


We honour and value each one who joins Pezzottaite Journals family as an individual, a commitment that is supported by our small scale.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Diversity in research benefits everyone, and it is essential to our publication mission. We work to create and provide an environment in which the values of diversity and inclusiveness are understood and appreciated. There exists no scope for discrimination.

Strategic Implementation

Our strategic choices are guided by principles and by a deeply held educational and publication philosophy that differentiate us from others.

Achievement and Diversity

Faculties and Corporate learn much by sharing experiences and are motivated by belonging to a collaborative community of brilliant colleagues from diverse backgrounds sharing the goal of being leaders. We ensure that each publication possesses a diverse set of business experiences and perspectives.

Scale and Focus

Our publications focus on both specific and general business activities that allow authors to concentrate on the quality. Pezzottaite Journals allows unprecedented access to experiences shared by corporate and academicians through subscriptions. The continued expansion of our journals list is being mirrored by a programme of long-term investment in our journals business so that our continued commitment to the academic community, and in particular our society partners and customers, can be fulfilled both now and into the foreseeable future.

Leadership Development

Leadership skills and potential can be enhanced under research setting. Pezzottaite Journals provide a platform where corporate, researchers and academicians can access quality publications required to transform education for future business excellence.

Global Perspective

A global mindset has become critical for success in today’s business environment. Delivery of journal (s) contents via the internet has led to new markets opening up across the world. These include libraries operating together as consortia, and institutions in the developing world becoming able to access journals for the first time. We are intended to be an active player in all these markets and works with many organizations to bring journals to research institutions across the globe. We ensure that our associations have the opportunity to develop a global perspective. We offer a variety of journals focused on global issues.

Corporate Citizenship, Ethics and Lifelong Relationships

Integrity and an understanding of the complex interactions of business, society and researchers are essentials to business leadership. When they are placed in an ethical environment, exposed to ethical frameworks, given the responsibility to enforce ethical standards, and provided with opportunities to recognize the broad social and environmental impact of business decisions. We emphasize in maintaining research at international standards to strengthen the relationship between business community, academia and society; and to maintain an accessible and extraordinarily supportive system of network.

Question the Status QUO

We are lead by ideas, taking intelligent risks and accepting sensible failures. We thrive at the world's epicentre of innovation. Our dedication is visible within our journals, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Beyond Yourself

We shape our world by leading ethically and responsibly. As stewards of our enterprises, we take the longer view in our decisions and actions. This often means putting larger interests above our own. Our commitment is to work together with our partners to ensure the optimum success of each journal, and to extend personal attention to everyone that joins Pezzottaite Journals Family, to ensure active participant in publishing and marketing decisions.

Working in Partnership

Pezzottaite Journals will get associated with different society partners to maximize the global reach of journals published by us on their behalf. We also engage with librarians through advisory groups and other means to ensure that we continue to meet their changing needs. We endeavour to provide our authors with an excellent level of service, including licences which allow their research to be as widely disseminated as possible.

Providing Quality and Value

An integral part of our mission is to publish journals of the highest quality, which will get demonstrated by their impact factor rankings. Our journals are of great value as well as high quality. We will ensure to have the lowest price per page and the lowest price per point of impact factor.

We’re not Afraid to do Things Differently

Being one of the publishers to experiment with open access, we share our results with the academic community. Our research is enables an evidence-based understanding of the implications of different business model on scholarly research dissemination.

We Think Globally

For us, sharing knowledge is not just for the privileged few. We will offer reduced online access to many of our journals in the world’s poorest countries.

Commitment to the Academic Community

Being a separate publisher, we have no shareholders to satisfy. This means that we can devote ourselves entirely to work solely on your behalf, returning any profit to the academic community through journals reinvestment and society payment.

Customer Focus

We firmly believe in the concept of fair play and conduct our business to exacting ethical standards. We treat all parties involved in the publishing process — authors, reviewers, readers, agencies, librarians, societies, and other providers—with utmost respect and efficiency.

Expanding Access to Information

At Pezzottaite Journals, we look beyond the bottom line to the expanding horizon of journals publishing. Our focus is on information quality and dissemination, reinforces us to achieve excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Communities – Authorship, Research, Learning and Teaching

We provide online resources specifically designed for the professional development of its communities, an exclusive service supporting its extensive community of authors and editors, librarians, researchers, students and teachers.