Our Commitment to Universal Access, Quality & Sustainability

Universal Access

Pezzottaite Journals wants to enable the broadest possible access to quality research content in sustainable ways that meet our many constituents’ needs;

We are committed to identify where remaining access gaps exist and find viable mechanisms to close them.


Peer review and publishing provide essential quality controls for researchers: we will uphold existing quality control levels and continually seek to find ways to advance the adoption of the highest ethical standards;

We will invest to innovate in technologies that increase researchers’ productivity.


Journal publishers invest heavily to deliver the benefits of a well-functioning communications system upon which society depends. Access and dissemination mechanisms must be sustainable to ensure that these investments can be recovered;

The journal publishing system must also be sustainable for those who fund it. Therefore we aim constantly to increase overall system efficiency and value for purchasers.

Our Position on Universal & Open Access

We are open to all business models and publishing mechanisms that can expand access to quality research content sustain ably;

We are not attached to any single business model or publishing mechanism. We believe a mix is the best way to meet the needs of all stakeholders;

Universal Access” refers to our goal of enabling the broadest possible access to quality research content in ways that meet constituent specific needs sustain ably. We see open access mechanisms as a sub-set of universal access mechanisms;

Universal Access Mechanisms includes (In Alphabetical Order):

Access for People with Disabilities: There are commercial, ethical, and legal reasons that Pezzottaite Journals is committed to increase accessibility for people with disabilities. There is a growing understanding of how publications can be modified to make them more accessible and the modest investments needed to audit and improve the accessibility of all our products and services also improves the experience of all readers. Pezzottaite Journals ensures accessibility at every stage of the development process of products and services.

Open Access Publishing Models: This includes Author Pays, Sponsored Manuscripts, Delayed Access, and Manuscript posting.

  • Author Pays
    Journals in which authors (or their funder or institutions) pay a fee to have the manuscripts published and freely available.
  • Sponsorship Manuscripts
    Journals with a sponsorship option are established subscription titles which, after acceptance, offer the author an option to sponsor access to non-subscribers.
  • Delayed Access
    Journals make content available to non-subscribers after a time delay. The delay period varies based on characteristics of the journal including subject area, usage patterns and frequency of publication.
  • Manuscript Posting
    It is done when authors post their author manuscripts to personal websites, institutional repositories or subject area repositories. Authors publishing in Pezzottaite Journals may voluntarily post their accepted author manuscript on personal websites or institutional websites. If an author is required to post manuscripts by a funder or employer, then Pezzottaite Journals requires an agreement in advance with that organisation to ensure that manuscripts posting policies do not undermine the sustainability of the journal, and the manuscripts are made available after journal-specific embargo periods and with DOI links back to the published journal manuscript.

Public Access Initiatives: Pezzottaite Journals supports access by the public, and actively works on sustainable mechanisms to achieve it. Pezzottaite Journals have library subscriptions to offer users access content of Pezzottaite Journals.

Transactional: Pezzottaite Journals offers options to purchase single manuscripts (Pay-Per-View) and groups of manuscripts (Manuscript Choice).