Terms & Conditions

An “Insertion Contract” is a contract concerning the publication of one or more advertisements or inserts for the purpose of distribution. An order for advertisements or inserts will be binding on the publisher only on written confirmation to the client. The publisher reserves himself the right to reject advertisements – even single insertions – and inserts on account of their contents, origin or for technical reasons in accordance with the general principles of the publishing firm. Orders for inserts are binding on the publisher only after a sample of the insert has been supplied and accepted. Inserts which, by virtue of their size and get-up, may give the reader the impression of being a part of the journal, or contain outside advertisements, will not be accepted. The client will immediately be informed of a rejection. In case of doubt, dispositions of advertisements are to follow within one year of the conclusion of the contract.

Discounts as stated in the Advertising Rate Card will be granted to the client only for advertisements appearing in a publication during the course of one year. The term starts with the date of publication of the first advertisement. The advertiser is entitled to make a retroactive claim for a respective discount on advertisements actually inserted within the one-year term.

In the case of non-fulfilment of an order for reasons other than those forming an obligation on the part of the publisher, the customer has to refund to the publisher the discounts, granted on the unfulfilled part of the order, notwithstanding other legal obligations. No refund will be claimed if non-fulfilment is due to influences beyond control of the publisher but lying within his responsibility.

No guarantee can be given for acceptance of advertisements or inserts for certain issues, certain editions or for a definite position within an issue unless the customer makes this a specific term of the agreement. Agreements concerning special positions are only binding if the respective surcharges, foreseen in the price-list and specifically confirmed, are accepted. If deadlines are overstepped, special positions are no longer binding.

The exclusion of competitors can only be ensured for two opposite pages. An exclusivity stipulation cannot be guaranteed if for one advertisement a specific placing has been promised and confirmed to be binding.

Advertisements which cannot be made out as such on the basis of their editorial make-up will be visibly marked by the publisher with the word “Advertisement”.

The client is responsible for the prompt delivery of the advertising text and impeccable printing material or of inserts. The publisher guarantees the best possible printing quality for the selected title in so far as the quality of the furnished printing material permits. Copy matter will be returned to the client on request.

Should an advertisement be completely or partially illegible, or show other deficiencies, the customer is entitled to a price reduction or a substitute advertisement – but only to the extent that the meaning of the advertisement is impaired. No further responsibility will be assumed by the publisher. Claims must be made within four weeks after receipt of the invoice and voucher copy. No responsibility will be assumed by the publishing firm for mistakes arising from telephone messages.

Proofs will be sent only if specifically requested. The client is responsible for the correctness of the returned proofs. The publisher will consider all corrections forwarded to him within the term set on dispatch of the proofs.

Payments are due within the period indicated in the price-list starting from the date of receipt of invoice, unless a shorter term of payment or prepayment has been agreed upon. Discounts for advance payment will be granted in accordance with the price-list.

If payment is delayed or deferred, both interest and collection fees will be charged. The publisher is entitled to discontinue further execution of an order until payment is made, and claim prepayment for the remaining advertisements.

In case of reasonable doubt as to the client’s solvency, the publisher is entitled to make the publication of further advertisements subject to prepayment and to payment of a balance due even during the current agreement, regardless of the originally agreed upon terms of payment.

The publisher will, on request, attach a voucher copy to the invoice. Depending on the kind and size of an order for an advertisement or insert, advertisement cuttings, tear sheets or complete voucher copies will be furnished.

Expenses for the production of ordered copy matter and illustrations as well as for changes desired by the client in the initial pattern are chargeable to the client.

Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled under the jurisdiction of J&K Government.

Additional Terms & Conditions

Advertisers and advertising agencies agree that the publisher shall be under no liability for failure for any cause to insert any advertisement or for any errors and potential damages resulting from errors caused by the publisher or any of its agents, suppliers or consultants in advertising published.

Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content of advertising printed and also assume responsibility for any claims arising there from made against the publisher.

No cancellations will be accepted after the closing date. Cancellations received after the closing date may be billed for the space reservation. All cancellations must be received in writing by the publisher and the publisher must acknowledge cancellations.

When advertising space is contracted and no copy corrections or changes are received by the artwork file due date, the previous copy will be repeated.

There is a reformatting charge of Rs 500 / hour as service charge for all artwork files that do not meet our requirements.

Advertisers and advertising agencies are jointly responsible for payment of advertising published. Terms of payment: No Credit facility is given to agencies.  All invoices are due from the invoice date. Any invoice not paid within that time is subject to a 10% per month interest charge.

New advertisers must prepay for all advertisements.

All materials not requested to be returned will be discarded after one year.

Pezzottaite Journals reserves the right to decline any advertising that does not meet its approval.

Advertising rates are commissionable 10% to recognized agencies.

All advertising material is subject to approval of the publisher and can be refused at the sole discretion of the publisher.

All inserts must be confirmed with an insertion order signed the advertiser or the advertising agency and received by the publication, accompanied by a photocopy of the material to be published, no later than the first day of the month preceding the month of publication.

All insertions will be invoiced at the one time rate unless a written contract has been received by the publisher stipulating the number of insertions planned in a 12-month period.

Cancellations cannot be accepted after the closing date which is the first of the month preceding the month of publication.

The appearance of advertising in Pezzottaite Journals does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the quality or the value of such products or the claims made for it by its manufacturers.

Editorial decisions are not influenced by advertising and are made without consideration of the advertising scheduled to appear in any issue.

Advertising must be clearly distinguished from editorial material.  Advertising that is primarily text, i.e. advertorial, should not appear as if it is a scientific report and should not imitate the style of the journal. The acceptance of advertising and its appearance is at the sole discretion of the publisher.

Advertising materials may be destroyed by the publisher if not used within one year. Advertisers assume the shipping costs if materials are returned.