Pezzottaite Journals provide exclusive service to Journal Managers, Editors, Section Editors, Copy Editors, Layout Editors, Proof Readers, Subscription Managers, Reviewers, Readers (Subscribers and Individuals), and Authors to get research material scanned for plagiarism before publication. 

It is not necessary to be associated with Pezzottaite Journals in any form to avail this service.

Third party can also use this service by paying nominal fees as internet bank transfer.

Terms & Conditions

  • Pezzottaite Journals will provide you the detailed report for your perusal;
  • Reports will be sent back as attachment to the same email through which we receive the inquiry and manuscript;
  • We will entertain any further inquiries related to task only if the same is received from the email address through which we receive the very first inquiry. In any case, situation or condition, we will not entertain any inquiry if not received from any other email;
  • Request will be entertained only if it is supported with a proof of online bank transfer receipts in favour of Pezzottaite Journals. Refer our ‘Banks & Accounts Details’ for making payments;
  • Services will be offered ‘Once’ within the paid service fees. If the same manuscript is been submitted again, then the client will be charged ‘Second Time’. If you are interested to get more manuscript scanned, service fees must be in multiple of number of manuscripts. Refer our ‘Plagiarism Services Fees’ for information on services fees calculations. 
  • We do not accept Cheques / Demand Draft to provide this service;
  • Fees once paid, will not be returned back to the clients in any situation.
  • The service is offered “Free-of-Charge” only in case the manuscripts are submitted with us for publication. 
  • All the payments must be in ‘Advance’.


Pezzottaite Journals provide this service to control ‘Plagiarism’. Continuation of the service in future is not an obligation on Pezzottaite Journals. We may discontinue this service any moment.

Pezzottaite Journals disclaim any position in decision making to either accept or reject the manuscripts scanned for publication.

Pezzottaite Journals will not be held responsible in future if in case a plagiarism work is being published elsewhere, even after getting the manuscript scanned from us. Responsibility lies with journals and respective publisher availing the services.

Please submit the material along with service fees payment details at: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net