We Aims: ‘Business For Society’

Slogan:Donate Willingly With Instinct To Help Needy

Pezzottaite Journals contributes to the communities in which we live and work, through our support of non-profit cultural, educational, health, environmental, social service, and publishing-industry related organizations with corporate contributions. We support organizations that have meaning for our colleagues, providing direct grants to organizations and institutions as well as matching colleagues’ monetary donations and volunteer service with cash. We encourage and support our colleagues’ voluntarism. We give back to the professional and scholarly communities we serve through our corporate contributions, prizes, scholarships, and participation in industry initiatives.

Pezzottaite Journals embraces its responsibility to the communities in which it operates and to society at large. We have a clear vision for Corporate Social Responsibility: we act responsibly as a corporate good citizen in local, regional and international communities and in the business and scholarly world. We help further society and the sustainability of human interests by funding and improving access to scholarly research, protecting our environment and nurturing our employees. We adhere to a high set of ethics and values, which guide our governance procedures and daily management decisions. Refer our ‘CSR Policy’ for more information.

In order to support our initiative, we request you to make ‘Donations With Us’. You will receive complete information about use of funds for your consideration.

You will receive:

  • Receipt of Donation made for your records;
  • Information about ‘Where’, ‘When’, and ‘How’ the money is used for Society Upliftment.

We also welcome you to extend your support to us in our activities, other then ‘Donations’. It can be in form of clothes, eatables, stationery, medicine and treatment, immunization programmes, tree plantation, old age home support, orphanage donations and education….and many more.  

Refer to ‘Banks & Accounts Details’ for making donations. We accept Cheques & Demand Drafts from interested parties to support our initiatives.

Contact us on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net, for any inquiry and information.