It is a forum for best practice on journal management, shared experiences from journal editors, updates on initiatives which will further enhance your journal, industry news, and an insight into the global team which publishes your journals.

The Editors' Bulletin is published bi-annualy i.e. January and July.

Regular sections include:

  • How to… – helping you benefit more from our many services and initiatives, including our online platform;
  • Updates on Manuscripts – keeping you informed about new functionality on Manuscripts, as well as information about our custom author guide;
  • Impact Factor Stories – shared wisdom from the editors of journals with impressive and improving impact factors;
  • Special Features – in-depth explorations of topics of particular interest;
  • Illustrative readings - for authors, reviewers and stakeholders.

We welcome your feedback or article suggestions. Wherever possible, we feature articles written by current journal editors. If you would like to contribute to the Editors' Bulletin, or simply to pass on a comment, get in touch with us on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net