We believe in publishing "Transform Academia for Social Change & Business Excellence”. In other words, research designed to have impact on different audiences. As a publisher that communicates scholarly research, we see that we play an important role in ensuring that the wider community benefits from the articles and book chapters that we publish.

Meaning of Impact for Us

We have a broad view of impact and encourage research that supports education dissemination; that Pezzottaite Journals chooses to facilitate the global production and dissemination of research; that focuses on issues of social and business importance; that helps corporate to be better managed, that benefits society or the environment, or that contributes to economic development. We believe that every piece of research should fulfil all of these criteria.

In recent years, "Research Impact" has become a major topic of debate in the field of education; this is largely due to the processes for evaluating research and funds allocation. Of course, the purpose of research will differ across disciplines and it is important that we don't lose sight of what we are seeking to achieve.

Oath to Achieve

We, had decided to get linked with different universities, institutions and corporate to generate impact factor for different journals of Pezzottaite Journals and even for those journals, who get listed with us, soon for our researchers and authors.

How We Measures the Impact?

We have identified different methods of capturing and measuring impact, including:

  • Citation;
  • Usage;
  • Inclusion of research in courseware;
  • Media comment;
  • Implementation in practice;
  • Transformation of research for new audiences;
  • Awards.

If you are aware of other methods, contact us on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net, to share your ideas.

How We Provide Impact Information?

We, seeks to provide impact information through:

  • Citation and "Impact" figures;
  • Usage data;
  • Recognizing papers that are excellent and fulfil impact criteria through a number of awards;
  • Informing the press when we are aware of research that has interest for a wider public audience;
  • Providing a range of journals for different target audiences (we believe that not all titles should be measured on citation alone if they communicate to a range of readers);
  • Transforming research papers each year into a shorter format for easier understanding and more immediate impact in practice and in the classroom;
  • Adding "Social Implications" to the structured abstracts that we requires from journal authors (this means that our abstract now explicitly seeks to draw out research implications, practical implications & social implications).