Individual Rates

Note: Refer our ‘Pricing Policy’ for information on Taxes and to calculate Payable Amount.

E–Access Plus Backfile

E-Access Plus Backfile institutional subscription is offered with no increase to the E-Access institutional subscription rate. Temporary electronic access is provided to journal backfile from Volume 1, Issue 1.

Combined Plus Backfile

Combined Plus Backfile institutional subscription is offered with no increase in subscription rates that includes E-Access and a print copy of each issue included in the volume for that title. Temporary electronic access is provided to the journal backfile from Volume 1, Issue 1.

Terms & Conditions

Refer our ‘Banks & Accounts Details’ for information on different payments mode available with Pezzottaite Journals.

  • Total amount if computed in US$ must be converted into Indian Rupees as per Currency Exchange Rates on the day of placing the order; Computed amount (in Rupees) is to be transferred in Pezzottaite Journals Bank Account (s); In case, where the transacted currency is not ‘US$’, then, purchaser must consider the exchange rate of domestic country’s currency against 'US$ / Rupees' and transfer the same;
  • The Rates are applicable till 31st March 2019;
  • VAT, Local, National &International Taxes will be charged extra ‘Wherever & As’ applicable; 
  • Surface postage and packaging is inclusive of the Rates for circulation within India. AIRMAIL postage would be charged extra from ‘Global Customers’;
  • Outstation Cheques / Demand Drafts are not accepted. Cheques are subject to realization;
  • Cash transactions are not permitted;
  • Subscription will be confirmed and issues will be send only after the receipt of subscription fee in ‘Advance’;
  • Subscription is in force from the 1st day of next month, not considering the month in which amount is paid;
  • Prices are subject to change without notice;
  • We do not have policy to make any refunds;
  • Journals are published in English;
  • Students further become eligible to receive another 10% discounts on total Computed Subscriptions amount, but only on production of proof;
  • E–Access Plus Backfile & Combined Plus Backfile subscription options is provided with no increase in Subscription Rates;
  • If there is change in postal address, kindly intimate us at the earliest through email on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net


Download ‘Individual Subscription Order’ Form and send us the scanned copy of completely filled form by email on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net, to speed up the process, by the time, the Order Form along with Demand Draft / Cheque or Online Bank Account Transfer Receipts reaches to us through Courier / Speed Post / Airmail.

If you want to recommend our journals for your library, download ‘Library Recommendation’ Form and forward it to your librarian marking a copy to us by email on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net

For more information, send us your inquiry on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net