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Keeping you in view, we have conceptualized and designed Pezzottaite Journals to be available in both formats - online & offline.

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Pezzottaite Journals is committed to maintaining low subscription prices for journals. We do this by maintaining a subscription base, and by keeping administrative costs very low. We accomplish the latter in part by requesting advanced payments for all orders, which eliminates costs of a credit department, bad debts, collections, and international money exchange. We do not offer discounts to agencies. The only invoices we provide are mailed directly to each subscriber. We are committed to provide subscriptions at the lowest price for all our journals.

Pezzottaite Journals offers subscribers five different subscription options to our Institutional and Individual Customers, as outlined below.

E–Access – an e-access institutional subscription (which provides site-wide access to all content in the volume) but does not include copies of the print version of the journal.

Print Only – a print copy of each issue included in the volume for that title, but does not include E-Access.

Combined – a combined institutional subscription includes electronic access (which provides site-wide access to all content in the volume) and a print copy of each issue included in the volume for that title.

E–Access Plus Backfile – this institutional subscription is offered with no increase to the E-Access institutional subscription rate. Temporary electronic access is provided to journal backfile from Volume 1, Issue 1.

Combined Plus Backfile – this institutional subscription is offered with no increase in subscription rates that includes E-Access and a print copy of each issue included in the volume for that title. Temporary electronic access is provided to the journal backfile from Volume 1, Issue 1.


Subscriptions purchased at the Individual rate are strictly for personal, non-commercial use only. The reselling of personal subscriptions is strictly prohibited. Personal subscriptions must be purchased with a personal cheque or through net banking. Subscription copy must be received at a personal (private) address. Personal subscribers need to provide proof of personal status while requesting for subscriptions.

Personal rates are applicable only when a subscription is for individual use and are not available if delivery is made to a corporate address. Pezzottaite Journals reserve rights to take appropriate action to recover any losses arising from any intended or unintended misrepresentation.

Subscriptions are payable in advance and all rates include postage and exclude local and national sales taxes where applicable. Subscribers are requested to send payment with their order whenever possible. Issues will only be sent on receipt of payment. Subscriptions are entered for a period of 12 months.

Licenses & Agreements  

Agreements must be agreed to (or signed in the case of licences) when you purchase a subscription for any of our online journals or for complete collection, before you have online access.

Your licence outlines how and from where users can access our online content.

Refer our ‘Licenses & Agreements’ for information on different types of agreements and licenses offered to its customers.

Customer Services

Pezzottaite Journals is committed to provide best services within the industry to Researchers, Scientist, Corporate, Societies and even to our Subscribers. We provide different type of services as discussed below:

Electronic Access

Pezzottaite Journals publications are available electronically or one of several intermediaries. Note that some intermediaries may charge for the use of their service.


Articles published online in all Pezzottaite Journals are available via pay-per-view. Choose any one from available subscription options, outlined above.

Article Status

Authors who have had their work accepted for publication by Pezzottaite Journals can contact us to check on the status of their article or simply to ask questions by completing the Article Status Form. Click to download ‘Article Status Inquiry’ Form, fill and send to us through email on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net

Multiple Year Subscriptions

Pezzottaite Journals offers three options as 1 year, 3 Years and 5 years to subscribers.

Institutional Subscriber refer our ‘Institutional Subscription Rates & Payments, Terms & Conditions’; whereas, Individual Subscriber refer our ‘Individual Subscription Rates & Payments, Terms & Conditions’ for more information.

Consolidation Orders

We accept consolidated orders, as long as the name and address of the customer (Complete end-user address) is provided at the time the order is placed.

Delivery Method

Surface postage and packaging is inclusive of the Subscription Rates for circulation within India. AIRMAIL postage would be charged extra from ‘Global Subscribers’.

Change of Address

Please give 15 days time from the day you received acknowledgement receipt of email requesting us to change the postal address. Also provide us your old address as quoted on subscription form; and your new address and send the information at the earliest through email on contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net

Back Volumes & Back Issues

Back issues and back volumes will be made available from our Head Office only if are available for any duration, with no increase in single issue price but also with no discounts. The temporary access to volumes will continue as long as the customer maintains a current paid Combined or E-access subscription. Customers can lease individual backfiles by subscribing at the Combined Plus Backfile or E-Access Plus Backfile subscription rate.

To purchase access to the complete backfile of Pezzottaite Journals in Future, contact us for query on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net

Back issues are available for purchase; download ‘Back Issues Order’ Form. Refer our ‘Back Issues Rates & Payments, Terms & Conditions’ for more information.

Missing Issue Claims

Pezzottaite Journals agrees to ship all issues for which the customer has subscribed in accordance with the terms and conditions. For non-receipt due to postal difficulties, a reasonable attempt will be made to honour the claims one time. Claims for missing issues must be made within 120 days of publication or date of shipping the order (whichever is later), provided stocks is available. We honour claims for non-receipt of issues if the claim is made within the designated period. Refer our ‘Missing Issues Guidelines’ for more information.

Special Issues

Order can be placed for ‘Special Issues’ as they focus on current issues; download ‘Special Issues Order’ Form. Refer our ‘Special Issues Guidelines’ and ‘Special Issues Rates & Payments, Terms & Conditions’ for more information.

Single Issues

You can also purchase a single issue of the specific volume and journal. To order a single copy of the journal, download the ‘Single Issue Order’ Form and submit your order via e-mail, or by post. Single issue will be sold on cover price, with no increase in price but also with no discounts. Refer our ‘Single Issue Rates & Payments, Terms & Conditions’ for more information.

Manuscript Reprints

We provide flexibility to individuals / authors to purchase reprints of their published articles. We provide two options for purchasing reprints as a) Commercial Reprints; and b) Non-Commercial Reprints. All the orders with quantity ordered is more than 400 is considered as ‘Commercial Reprints’ order, and order less then 400 reprints is referred as ‘Non-Commercial Reprints’. Rates and discounts offered vary accordingly in both the available options. Refer our ‘Manuscript Reprints Rates & Payments’ for detailed information.

Library Recommendation

We request you to recommend our journals to your library. Download ‘Library Recommendation’ Form and forward it to your librarian marking a copy to us by email on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net. Refer our ‘Library Recommendation Guidelines’ for more information.

Post Your Journal With Us

Pezzottaite Journals provide an opportunity for third party journals to get themselves listed with us to receive ‘Global Exposure & Recognition’. We intended to work in co-ordination with each other. Refer our ‘Guidelines’ and download ‘Post Your Journal With Us’ Form to fill and to submit with us through email on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net

Subscription Renewing

We will send you renewal reminders each year when your subscription is due to expire. We offer a variety of simple methods to renew including Internet Banking. Refer our ‘Banks & Accounts Details’ for more information.


Pezzottaite Journals provide E-Alert services that are delivered directly to the Email address you specify while registering for service. You will be able to amend your details or unsubscribe from the service at any time. Refer our ‘E-Alerts For Updates’ for more information.

Recommend Us To Others

We provide you a facility where you can recommend this website to your friends, colleagues, organization (s), societies, students, researchers, and libraries. Visit our site and click on Recommend Us To Others link on Home page.  

Relevant Policies

Pricing Policy

Pezzottaite Journals ‘Pricing Policy’ provides useful information related to taxations, payment terms & conditions, subscribers and agents discounts; drafted to assist customers in better understanding of payment matters, in filling up subscriptions forms and making purchases with us.

Return Policy

Pezzottaite Journals offer a Returns Policy for Journals. Pre-authorisation is not required for returns provided our returns parameters are met. Refer our ‘Return Policy’ for more information.

Resource Center

Training & Promotional Resources

We hope that you find Pezzottaite Journals intuitive to use. To help you in getting started, we have put together all resources under one heading to allow you and your users to get the most of our content and to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for you. We request you to register with us, which provides you detailed information about products, services, latest news and many more. Refer our ‘Promotional Materials’ for more information.

Marketing Resources For Your Library

  • Send out news alerts via your library blog, twitter or other news service;
  • Place our logo or a pre-designed button onto your library or departmental website with new information about the site;
  • Add links from your library or departmental websites direct to the subject landing pages and information resources as appropriate;
  • Remember to include the new site in any training you do for the new student intake and faculty returning for a new academic year;
  • Register to receive e-alerts by signing up with us and remember to specify your subject area of interest;
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If you have any query as subscribers, send us the email on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net

Happy Navigating! and Welcome to Pezzottaite Journals Family.