The OJS Retention Policy outlines how long files are retained in OJS. The following retention policy is in place in OJS for all journals:

  • Article information (the submission metadata, including Reviewer Attachments) will be stored till the time article get published;
  • Source files for accepted articles will be removed from OJS three months after the paper has been published. These are basically all the files uploaded by the author (or the editor) e.g. manuscripts, figures, tables, companion files etc.;
  • Submission PDF (PDF created by OJS) will be kept for one year, after which they will be deleted;
  • Source files for rejected and withdrawn manuscripts will be kept indefinite;
  • Submissions that are removed by the Author or the rejected by Editor, during the process will be deleted immediately;
  • Incomplete Submissions: Author will receive an alert on next day (from the day of uploading the manuscript and other forms ‘ONLINE’), intimating about inactivity for submission of information within 2 days. Second alert will be send to author on the next day of the expiry of 5 days of first alert. On the last day of the expiry of second alert lean time, if we not received the complete details, we will be send ‘Forced Withdrawal’ to the Author.

Refer our ‘Manuscript Submission Checklist’ to avoid delays.

Alert to Us

When an incomplete submission remains active, following alert is sent to you:

Dear Author,

We detected your paper entitled "<Article Title>" which you submitted a ___ day (s) ago, but for which you did not complete all the submission steps. Therefore, this paper has not yet been submitted for review.

If you no longer wish to submit your manuscript, intimate us on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net; and also refer to ‘Manuscript Withdrawal Policy as Pezzottaite Journals will removing your manuscript and related information from the website as per the same policy.

If you still want to get your manuscript reviewed, please complete your submission within 5 days (Including this Day). No further action is required on your part.

To complete the submission process, please log onto website as Author, and submit the paper or remaining supplementary documents.

Kind Regards,

Pezzottaite Journals