Access Terms

The following sets out Pezzottaite Journals policy on archiving and includes information about when a subscriber’s relationship with us changes and a description of the third party archival agreements that we maintains. Please note: This policy applies only to journals published by us. Journals on the online service not published by us may have different terms and conditions.

Basic Policy

  • We maintains a digital archive of the journals it owns and makes available over www.pezzottaitejournals.net;
  • It is our intention to maintain the digital files of journals in perpetuity, converting them as appropriate, if the technology used for storage or access changes. The current format standards are PDF; all the files are being retained in this format;
  • Pezzottaite Journals understands the permanent availability of these archival files is of critical concern to its customers. Therefore, we made the commitment that, in the unlikely event that it will not assume responsibility for maintaining the archive, we would assure access to the archive via one or more repositories mutually acceptable to us and its independent libraries;
  • Pezzottaite Journals publishes many journals. Should we cease to be the publisher for such journals or cease to have electronic rights, it will use reasonable efforts to ensure that either the volumes published remain available through website or that the owner makes them available on the same access terms via a new host and that the journal archive remains in the designated independent third party archives. We cannot guarantee the permanent availability of journals owned by others;
  • If Pezzottaite Journals sells or otherwise transfers ownership of our journal’s to another publisher, it will use reasonable efforts to retain a non-exclusive copy of the digital archive for that title and make it available through website to existing subscribers. The title will also be retained in third party archives;
  • If Pezzottaite Journals ceases publication of a journal, the digital archive will be maintained at website. Again, it would also remain in the third party archives.