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Unique Partnership Benefits with Pezzottaite Journals

Getting associated with Pezzottaite Journals will benefit you in / as following manner:

Expanding Access To Society's Research

One of your society's greatest assets is the accumulated knowledge of your members' research, expertise and accomplishments. This repository represents a formidable data collection. At Pezzottaite Journals, we'll help leverage the collective knowledge of your society or association in new and useful ways. These include print and customized electronic delivery services designed to enhance quality, usability, universal access and archiving. We strongly believe in a symbiotic relationship with all of our society and association partners. Your goals will drive every step of our relationship and we offer the resources, quality, history and reach to help you achieve your goals.

Potential For Knowledge Sharing Is Now Greater Than Ever

Pezzottaite Journals offers a variety of platforms that support multimedia access to knowledge across all sciences. With our innovative solutions, our partners can boost online usage and facilitate wider dissemination and visibility of key research.

International Sales, Marketing & Product Development

As your partner, we are working with you and for you in every corner of the globe. Collaborating with our international sales and marketing teams on market insight and strategy, research, marketing promotions, product development etc., we can develop specialty programs that meet your distinct goals.

Whether you are looking to bring in new members, boost renewal rates, or if your priority is to e.g. penetrate new markets, our marketing and sales experts can help you grow your market share as well as commercial revenue streams.

Publishing Your Journal, Faster & Easier

Pezzottaite Journals offer the highest standards of quality throughout the entire editorial and production process, from submission of a manuscript to the publication of a journal issue. Our production experts will coordinate with your team how to streamline workflow and production processes. This includes utilizing our professional production support, innovative workflow and content solutions, expert design services and thorough quality assurance steps, so your publication is produced on time and at your specifications.

Flexible delivery of electronic content to your society website to help you reach a larger audience, faster and easier, is also part of our production operation. We will work with you to deliver innovative technological and financially responsible solutions to meet your needs.

We Value Creative Partnership With Authors

Pezzottaite Journals are dedicated to providing authors a professional publishing experience. Both the new and seasoned author will find helpful information, services and tools at our site.

Other Revenue Generating Activities

Discover the large variety in both well established and innovative channels that will help maximize visibility and increase revenue streams. Non-subscription revenue generators for instance include: journal supplements, tailored reprints, advertising and sponsorships, conferences: from organizing to publishing abstracts and proceedings etc.

Electronic products and services, translations, stand-alone book projects, and much, much more. If you are interested in collaborative or complimentary product development, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. Pezzottaite Journals will work closely with you to develop activities that complement the high scientific standards and integrity of your organization.

Help Bridging The Information Across Globe

As a publisher, we recognize our profound responsibility to contribute to and serve our professional and non-professional communities. We are proud of our active role in developing initiatives that influence how information is reviewed, validated, archived and disseminated. In partnership with libraries, hospitals, educational and research institutions, local community groups as well as other publishers, we support vital research and community development across four continents.