As a publisher, Pezzottaite Journals chooses to facilitate the global dissemination of research that focuses on different issues of social importance and are relevant for the development of theories in multi-disciplinary atmosphere. As an organization, we are committed to its own CSR agenda. Pezzottaite Journals aims to pursue sustainable and responsible business practices for the benefit of its employees, the environment and the wider communities on which it impacts.

In order to achieve vision, Pezzottaite Journals is dedicated towards

Ecology of Knowledge

Pezzottaite Journals publishing policies are designed to bring research and insights from the developing world to the published body of knowledge, helping developed and developing world researchers to learn from each other. To be the one of the leading publisher of research, Pezzottaite Journals has an important role to play in facilitating and disseminating relevant knowledge which will help sustain and build economies of the future. We aim to promote understanding of globally responsible leadership and to develop its practice.

We are intended to initiate:

  • Research Awards - designed to help foster research worldwide, encourage business scholars at doctoral level, and to support developing world research;
  • Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards - Each year, these are set up across different disciplines, with winners receiving a cash prize, and the offer of publication in any of Pezzottaite Journals;
  • Outstanding Papers - Each year, we commit to reward the authors of the top papers that have been published with us through our Annual Awards for Excellence. Winners are selected for the Outstanding and Highly Commended Papers from each volume of every Pezzottaite Journals;
  • Leading Editors & Outstanding Reviewers will be honoured each year through “Annual Awards for Excellence”;
  • Sponsorships – Pezzottaite Journals is determined to support research through sponsorships, in partnership with other organizations and associations;
  • Research Fund Awards – Pezzottaite Journals will fund research in underdeveloped economies, irrespective to the discipline of research;
  • Journal Special Issues - Special issues will be dedicated to CSR, sustainability, governance, and other related topics, from time to time.

Effective Management Systems

Commitment to good management practice starts with its own business. Through the implementation of relevant management frameworks, the company is able to constantly review and enhance its efficiency, aiming to comply with and exceed international industry standards. We plan for:

ISO 14001:2004 Certifications

We plans to put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) to minimize its impact on the environment, and to get certified with international ISO 14001:2004 standards. In particular, the EMS includes the following measures:

  • Use Green Suppliers - We will use green suppliers for all our printed journals, which mean that bleaches or chlorines are not used in printing of Pezzottaite Journals. Our titles are printed using vegetable-based inks and chemicals together with metal ink plates;
  • Support Sustainability - We will comply with the ISO 14001:2004 standard: they support sustainable forests, replanting twice the amount of trees used for paper, or provide re-cycled stock as an optional alternative;
  • Sustainable Waste Disposal - This is carried out using a certified process which focuses on true disposal, rather than land filling. True disposal means that every item that is disposed is recycled;
  • Support Recycling - We try to recycle as much as possible of the office equipment we use including paper, ink jets, cardboard, garden waste and computer equipment;
  • Recycling Computer Equipment - We associate ourself with a local company which ensures that reusable computer equipment is refurbished and sent to those countries where they can help support communities that need them. 

ISO 9001:2000 Certification

  • Continuous Improvement – Our production department in future will be ISO 9001:2000 certified. In line with this standard, the quality management system in place provides a framework for continuous improvement.

Publishing Standards

  • Counter-Compliance – Pezzottaite Journals meets the international code of practice for reports that allow clients to measure usage of online information products and services in a consistent manner;
  • COPE – We are associated with COPE (the Committee on Publication Ethics), a registered charity in the UK that promotes ethical conduct in scientific research and its publication in science journals. The main role of COPE is to offer advice to Editors of academic journals on tackling issues affecting integrity of work, such as suspected research or publication misconduct. This partnership will provide us with additional support to its Editors.

Learning Culture

Aware that its human capital is an essential asset for its development and success, Pezzottaite Journals promotes a learning culture within the organization, ensuring the individual and professional development of employees through training and academic programmes. We believe that being a good citizen, globally and locally, is an important part of working life in the twenty-first century. We encourage every member to participate in community activities.

Investors in People

Pezzottaite Journals will follow quality standard to focus on the development of organizations through their employees.

Pezzottaite Journals Academy

Pezzottaite Journals will initiate to create an academy to provide employees the chance to take part in cross-functional action learning projects.