What is Perpetual Access?

Perpetual access is a term that is used within the library community to describe the ability to retain access to previously paid for electronic journals after the contractual agreement for these materials has passed in the same way as the would have previously retained print copies on library shelves for future years.

What is our position on Perpetual Access?

Currently, Pezzottaite Journals has made a commitment to enable our institutional subscribers to have perpetual access to journal’s content to which they subscribe or have previously subscribed.

Library users will continue to get access to the full text PDF for those volumes to which a subscription was held and activated online. HTML full text is not available for lapsed subscriptions.

If your subscription expires and at some later date you reinstate your subscription, you will again have access to all content on the database from previous. However, please note that previous usage statistics will be lost.

Customers may obtain ongoing access to their subscription on the Pezzottaite Journals website, or alternatively they should refer to their agent for information.

However, should we no longer retain the rights to publish that content (for example, if a journal changes publisher) currently we cannot guarantee continued access to that journal but would make all reasonable efforts to negotiate such rights with the new publisher. This is a recognised problem across the industry and many publishers are working to find a solution.