Price list mentioned in forms are different for different type of subscriptions and for different customers. All the order must be directed to us unless otherwise stated. We make every effort to ensure 100% accuracy. The price list may contain errors and / or omissions. Price may be subject to change after publication. We reserve the right to invoice customers at the correct amount in each case. Subscriptions for rolling titles are entered on rolling subscription basis and may commence at any point in the volume; the default start issue will be the current issue unless notified differently on the order.

Institutional Pricing Policy

Prices quoted are only the base price for the journals we publish. Subscriptions will cover the contents from the first issue and perpetual access is granted to subscribed-to content. Pezzottaite Journals will continue to offer standard (print plus online), online only and print only subscription options to individuals and institutional customers. Refer our ‘Information to Subscribers’ for more information on prices and type of subscriptions.

Online access for items 1 and 3 above include:

  • IP registered access across a single site;
  • Access to full-text in HTML (where available) and PDF - current contents, plus online back issues from 2012 wherever available;
  • Remote access allowed via secure proxy;
  • Archival access to paid-for content.

Payment Terms

Full pre-payment in the correct currency is required for all orders.

Payment should be in US dollars for orders being delivered to other then India irrespective of fact that different countries have different currency. Amount need to be calculated in term of current exchange of your domestic currency against US$ and equivalent amount must be paid to Pezzottaite Journals either as Internet Bank Transfer / Demand Draft or Cheque.

All orders should be accompanied by full payment and sent to us. Refer our ‘Banks & Account Details ’ for more information. If paying by bank transfer, please intimate us through Email about the value and dated of your transferred payment. Also enclose Online Bank Account Transfer Receipts for our records and speeding up the process.

Caution: Emails addresses are mentioned in respective subscriptions and orders forms. Use those emails only.   

Discount to Agents

Agents must supply the address details of the end users for all records while ordering. If no end user details are supplied, we will be unable to complete the order, mail issues or activate online access. No personal subscriptions are available through agents in any case. They can deduct 10% from the face price quoted on titles.

Taxes Information

Tax treatment and country rules will be applied consistently across all our products and services. VAT, Local, National &International Taxes will be charged extra ‘Wherever & As’ applicable; Please be aware that from 4 January 2011, the UK Standard VAT Rate is increased from 17.5% to 20%. So make payments accordingly. We will have our VAT registration number soon. Also ensure that this number is must for all transactions in future, where it is required. If you are paying via an ‘Agent’, contact the agent for details on the VAT charge.

  • Australian Goods and Service Tax (GST): AU$ rates apply to orders from Australia and New Zealand. Australian customers will have 10% GST added to the standard price of these journals published in Australia;
  • Customers in Canada should add 5% to all print products. For electronic products, GST or HST should be added at the rates outlined in the table below for province of sales. For a subscription which includes both electronic and print contents, the net sales price is split 50:50 between print and electronic components, with the respective GST & HST rates applied. Subscription Agents are responsible for collecting GST from their customers in Canada.

    If the ship-to address for a print or combined subscription is in Canada then Canadian Goods and Service Tax (GST) will be applied to the total of the print subscription or 70% of the combined subscription.
  • Customers and Subscription agents in the EU will be charged VAT on both electronic and print content of subscription. The rate at which VAT is charged is variable by product and EU country to which the sale is billed (electronic) or shipped (print). For a subscription which includes both electronic and print contents, the amount of VAT charged for each element is currently based on a 50:50 split of the net sales price between print and electronic components, with the respective VAT rates applied.

    VAT Registered customers and Subscribing Agents in the EU must provide a valid EU VAT registration number or evidence of entitlement to exception; customers who are not registered or exempt will be charged VAT.

    Electronic Content VAT – All journal electronic content is supplied by Pezzottaite Journals. Current rates:

    All rates are current at the time of print but are subject to change by EU countries VAT regulator.

    If you are in the European Union outside the UK and have a VAT number, then please let us know this so we can update our records accordingly. You will be responsible for any VAT under the reverse charge procedures. Prices are listed exclusive of VAT. Please supply your VAT Registration Number with your order;

    For a print or combined subscription to a UK title, if no VAT number is supplied and the ship-to address is in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy or the Netherlands, then VAT will be due on the total of the print subscription or 70% of the combined subscription at that country's local rate for print subscriptions;

    VAT of 7% will be charged for titles shipped to EU. If Shipped to Austria, VAT of 10% will be charged.

    VAT will be charged where applicable to subscription agents. Subscription payments for print shipped to EU countries different to publication source, and in which the agent is VAT registered, will be treated as ‘Reverse Charge Transaction’ and any VAT levied should be self declared by the subscription agent. 

  • Swiss VAT of 2.5% with effect from 1st January 2012 for print copies and 8% for electronic copies will be charged for titles shipped to Switzerland.

All tax rates and rules are current rates and rules, and are subject to change.

Delivery Terms and Legal Title

Where the subscription price includes print issues and delivery is to the recipient address, delivery terms are ‘Delivered Duty Unpaid’ (DDU); the recipient is responsible for paying any import duty or taxes. We will endeavour to fulfil claims for missing or damaged copies within six months of publication, within our reasonable discretion and subject to availability.

Privacy Data Protection

Pezzottaite Journals takes the responsibility for data protection very seriously and takes all reasonable steps to maintain the security, integrity and privacy of any information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. In submitting an order, you consent to the transfer of your data to Pezzottaite Journals for the purposes of fulfilling the order. To view the full policy including how we may use your information, refer our ‘Privacy Policy’. 

Personal Rate Subscriptions

Subscriptions purchased at the Individual rate are strictly for personal, non-commercial use only. The reselling of personal subscriptions is strictly prohibited. Personal subscriptions must be purchased with a personal cheque or through net banking. Subscription copy must be received at a personal (private) address. Personal subscribers need to provide proof of personal status while requesting for subscriptions.

Personal rates are applicable only when a subscription is for individual use and are not available if delivery is made to a corporate address. Pezzottaite Journals reserve rights to take appropriate action to recover any losses arising from any intended or unintended misrepresentation.

Subscriptions are payable in advance and all rates include postage and exclude local and national sales taxes where applicable. Subscribers are requested to send payment with their order whenever possible. Issues will only be sent on receipt of payment. Subscriptions are entered on an annual basis.

Note: All our Journals titles offer special members and student discounts rates alongside institutional subscriptions. Refer our ‘Institutional Subscription Rates & Payments, Terms & Conditions’ and ‘Individual Subscription Rates & Payments, Terms & Conditions’ for more information.


Surface postage and packaging is inclusive of the Subscription Rates for circulation within India. AIRMAIL postage would be charged extra from ‘Global Subscribers’.

Cancellation Policy

We do not have policy to make any refunds in any condition against the amount received for subscriptions. Cancellations are only accepted at the end of the subscription period for the next due subscription. Cancellations for part volumes / years will not be accepted.

Claims Policy

Claims should be made within four months of publication or date of shipping the order (whichever is later). Refer our ‘Missing Issues Guidelines’ for more information.

Change of Address

Please give 15 days time from the day you received acknowledgement receipt of email requesting us to change the postal address. Provide us your old address as quoted on subscription form along with your new address and send the information at the earliest through email on: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net

Managing Your Subscriptions

Subscribers can manage their subscriptions online through their online Login_ID.

Developing Country(s) Customers

Pezzottaite Journals will continue to offer developing countries free (or greatly discounted) online access to all of our journals. Refer our ‘Developing Nation Programmes’ for more information.