Launching New Journal

"Our ability to spot emerging trends in the major disciplines is second to none, and we are proud to support the hard work of our team of Editors, Authors and Reviewers. We initiate to launch new journals than any other publisher in response to academic developments."

New Journal Guidelines

We are always interested in hearing ideas for potential new journals. If you have spotted a gap in the market for a new journal, please submit a proposal for consideration by our Editorial specialists. To make sure that you provide us with the information that we need to properly evaluate your idea, it would be helpful if you follow our guide. Once you have written your proposal, please contact us to discuss how to develop your journal project with us and what to include in a New Journal Proposal. We welcome suggestions for new journals, recognising that they provide an essential outlet for emerging areas of research. Below are the items that we like to see covered in a new journal’s proposal. This will help us, in conjunction with external reviewers, fully assess your proposal.


  • Please provide information about the subject field of the project and its current and future development;
  • Please detail the full scope of the field;
  • Detail the background to the project: Where does the project come from? What is its history? Who are the associates, if any? It is often desirable for a journal project to have the active support of an association or grouping.

 Title of Journal

What you had perceived?

Aims & Scope

We require an editorial statement of the aims and scope of the project. This should incorporate the following points:

  • The purpose of the journal;
  • The disciplines covered (or the cross disciplinary nature of);
  • The intellectual level of the project;
  • Its topicality;
  • The unique emphases of the project.

The Rationale

  • Why is there a need for this journal?
  • What are the advantages of this project over the existing (or planned) competition? Or other existing outlets?
  • What is the global audience for the journal?
  • How will the journal generate sufficient high quality contributions?

Editorial Structure

  • Who will be the Editors?
  • Please indicate likely members of the Editorial Board or team.
  • How would the Editorial Board or team be selected?
  • Please indicate how the journal would be administered.
  • How would you expect to handle the peer review process?


  • Provide a list of the type of content that the journal might publish (ideally 'dream' article titles and authors);
  • Please indicate the nature of the content e.g. research papers, review papers, case studies, rapid communications (letters), conference reports, calendar of events;
  • Where is the work in this area being conducted? At what sort of institution is the work being conducted?
  • What is the geographical spread of this work?
  • Is there currently, or will there be, a teaching as well as a research base for this work?

 The Market

In many respects our assessment of a journal project is heavily dependent upon our assessment of the market. Many of the issues dealt with above are directly relevant to the issue of the potential market for a proposal.

Nevertheless, we ask you to consider carefully the following points:

  • Why is there a market for this journal?
  • Who would subscribe to the journal? Which fields are they in? Which academic departments are they in? Approximately how many of these departments are there (by geographical location), worldwide?
  • What is the size of the overall market in terms of actual numbers of individuals and in terms of actual numbers of institutions (libraries, organisations etc.) which might subscribe? Can you provide lists?
  • Please indicate the international extent of the market;
  • Is the market within academia or is there a practitioner/professional market? (Please elaborate upon any non-academic market, especially if you feel it is a prime market.);
  • Can we easily reach the market(s) for this journal? If possible, please indicate examples of how we might best do this;
  • Which relevant conferences might the potential readership attend?
  • Which relevant societies might the potential readership belong to?


  • What is the proposed frequency of publication and desired start date of publication?
  • Is there a preferred format or size?
  • Will the publication require special typographic features or design?
  • Will the publication require illustrations or photographs?

 Review Process

Please provide the name and contact details for four or five people in your proposed field of study who would be able to provide an informed expert opinion on this proposal. The names may include proposed members of the editorial boards but should also go wider. Please note that we will not necessarily contact all these people and we will contact others not on your list.

Journal Management & Development

Our editorial, marketing and production staff will work with society officers and academic editors to put together a comprehensive development plan for each journal. Aims and objectives will be matched with our extensive publishing experience to ensure that content is disseminated to the widest possible audience. Citation, usage, funding and market intelligence data are used to assess the nature of the specific market in which a partner's journal is operating. Strengths and potential weaknesses are identified at the outset of a new partnership to inform the development plan. Our approach to journal management and development is comprehensive and customized to meet requirement of our associates.

We believe in open and transparent reporting and provide regular reports that cover:

  • Production information and schedules;
  • Sales reports;
  • Online usage statistics;
  • Content analysis;
  • Feedback/results from marketing initiatives;
  • Citation information;
  • Reports on bulk reprint sales or supplements.

We develop trust and mutual understanding with our partners through open discussions of each journal’s development and progress. We work closely with our partners to establish clear objectives for each journal and work together to implement a plan to meet these.

Editorial Office Support

We can offer support and advice on online submissions and peer review systems to researchers.

Virtual Editorial Office

Our Virtual Editorial Office (VEO) comprises a team of freelance editorial assistants managed centrally. An assistant is assigned to each title, so that he/ she can become familiar with the operations of that journal. The primary aim of the VEO is to relieve editors of the administration of the journal, thereby enabling them to focus on their editorial responsibilities. It also enables a smooth transition between editors.

Partner Resources

The password-protected Partner Resources area aims to help editors and reviewers to develop best practices for peer review, publication ethics, open access, and other topics.

Peer Review

We are able to offer advice and support for societies wishing to establish and improve their current peer-review systems. We have experience in implementing and managing the marketing leading online peer-review systems with different journals.

Production Services

We provide a production service that is fast, responsive, effective and reliable. Our constant aim is to publish papers with maximum speed, accuracy and efficiency, thereby best serving the needs of all those who commission a production service from Pezzottaite Journals. We are aware of the need to publish research as quickly as possible and we have streamlined our production processes to ensure that content reaches the research community as soon as possible without compromising our trademark high standards.

We offer a positive author experience, taking full responsibility for content management. In all production steps from receiving the accepted manuscript through to publication online, we don’t compromise with the quality, we always ensure that our exacting and high standards are maintained.

It is our constant endeavour to provide consistently high quality end products, to schedule, at the optimum price. We always aim to exceed author expectations and make it a positive experience publishing with us.

Pezzottaite Journals aims to achieve the fastest publication times and most cost-effective processes, without sacrificing quality. We continually review and improve our services for authors, readers, editors, and partners, in order to offer the best publishing options for all titles.

Our Commitment to Quality

Maintaining the highest level of quality is a non-negotiable part of our service. All technological innovations, workflow developments, and cost efficiencies are undertaken with quality in mind. We track and regularly report on our performance to ensure that we maintain and improve on our high standards.

A Cost-Effective Approach

Pezzottaite Journals uses economies of scale to achieve highly competitive pricing on all aspects of outsourced work, including copyediting, typesetting, manufacturing, and distribution. We are proud of the professional relationships we have fostered with our suppliers and monitor their performance on a regular basis.

Ensuring Speed & Timeliness

We offer rapid online publication models, so that articles are published to the highest standards in the fastest time (targets of three weeks for the final article version). Our streamlined in-house workflows and excellent business relationships enable us to ensure consistently high performance across the board.

We are committed to offering all of our authors the best possible publishing experience and routinely send out surveys to authors upon publication of an article to gather feedback on the service that we provide. We can make the results of these surveys available to you upon request.

Sales & Marketing

Our marketing teams ensure that an international focus is applied to all activity. Each journal is allocated a single Marketing Executive, who is responsible for the marketing of that journal. Combined with our specialist marketing expertise, this approach guarantees that the full potential of a journal is realised.

Our sales operation is classically organised along geographic lines and supported by a worldwide network of local sales agents. This structure ensures that each journal is marketed on a global stage, but sold locally to reflect the cultural and business environment of the customer.

Partnering with us guarantees the highest level of sales and marketing for your journal to ensure unparalleled global reach, usage, and visibility.

Marketing Aims

  • To provide a full, bespoke, cost-effective marketing service for all our journals;
  • To offer full support to our society publishing partners, assisting in raising the society profile and increasing membership;
  • To promote usage of our journals to help retain subscriptions and improve impact factors;
  • To continue attracting the best submissions, maintaining and developing the quality of our content;
  • To grow and maintain subscriptions;
  • To give full support to all our key customers in the information chain, including subscribers, librarians and subscription agents;
  • To keep abreast of current market trends, responding to new developments and innovating with new techniques.

Marketing Communications & Research

Alongside our core marketing activity, we provide detailed reporting to our publishing partners and undertake a variety of market research projects.

  • Reporting: We provide full and regular reports to societies, keeping our colleagues informed of the welfare of their journal;
  • Focus groups: A variety of focus groups and questionnaires allow us to capture expert information which informs both our marketing strategies and our product development;
  • Market analysis: Our research keeps us abreast both of market and industry trends, allowing us to explore new market sectors and territories as well as innovating with new marketing techniques.

Marketing Strategy

At Pezzottaite Journals, we understand that not all journals have the same requirements. You could be looking to penetrate new markets, or maximize current ones. Perhaps you would like to grow your membership base, target a new market sector, or encourage papers from key authors in a particularly hot research area.

To address these diverse needs, we focus our approach on understanding the unique objectives of your journal, then putting into place strategic, customized marketing plans to support its development. We use an extensive package of marketing techniques to achieve the widest possible distribution and readership for our marketing messages. This will typically include the following.


More and more of our direct marketing messages are transmitted electronically, allowing us to provide tailored, incisive and responsive service than ever before. Techniques used include:

  • Email marketing;
  • Web advertising;
  • Search marketing;
  • List-serve promotions;
  • Embracing and developing emerging technologies, including RSS feeds, SMS messaging and blogs.

Print Marketing

As our electronic marketing has grown, our print marketing has become more bespoke, producing smaller numbers of higher quality pieces for niche mail shots and display and insertion at conferences.

Pieces produced include postcards, customized sales letters, colour brochures and catalogues. We also produce a wide range of profile-raising promotional giveaways for use at key conferences.


Pezzottaite Journals initiate attending national and international conferences, all round the year, either as a company or through an agent, to ensure that individual journal titles achieve maximum exposure to the relevant communities. Our promotional tools include a distinctive range of banners, posters and show cards.


We advertise widely in both print and online formats, with coverage ranging from niche, journal-specific pieces to broad, subject-based advertisements.

Press Releases

We distribute an increasing number of press releases annually which are circulated to relevant media contacts. These can be highlighting newsworthy findings from key papers or communicating new developments from Pezzottaite Journals to the industry.


We periodically run telemarketing campaigns as an effective way of contacting any lapsed institutional subscriptions.

Sales Support

Whatever your requirements, our experienced sales teams will work with you to ensure your journal reaches its full potential. We achieve this through a multi-channel sales approach that comprises:

  • Consortia and rights: with online journals increasingly being purchased through consortia licenses involving groups of libraries, our dedicated team can ensure maximum dissemination and revenue;
  • Special sales: non-subscription revenues are increasingly important to journals, and it is our priority to maximize the revenue from reprints, supplements, translations, and bulk subscription.


Pezzottaite Journals average among the lowest annual price rises across the board. With close contact with the librarian community through our advisory panel and access to their decision-making metrics, we are able to advise partner societies as to the best policy for their future pricing.

Global Reach

An in-depth understanding of the global markets in which we operate informs everything we do. Our experienced team pool market intelligence to understand and meet the needs of each specific market and inform our sales & marketing efforts on a global scale.

Refer our ‘Publishing Guidelines’ for more information.