Pezzottaite Journals is committed to offering the widest possible dissemination for published research. Therefore, journal content is accessible electronically. Our marketing approach complements this strategy, aiming to increase the visibility, accessibility and readership for your journal's articles. Dedicated sales and marketing teams focus on the needs of our academic, government and corporate customers.

Partnering with us guarantees the highest level of sales and marketing for your journal to ensure unparalleled global reach, usage, and visibility.  We provide different types of services that fulfil the specific requirements of all our customers. We tailor our publishing service to be fully comprehensive or offer individual service components.

Our marketing teams will ensure that an international focus is applied to all activities. Dissemination of quality research combined with our specialist marketing expertise, guarantees that the full potential of a journal is realised.

Sales team will get support from worldwide network of local sales agents. This structure ensures that each journal is marketed on a global stage, but sold locally to reflect the cultural and business environment of the customer.

We ensure you that our journals will always find suitable target audience. Print advertising, inserts and banner advertising are available for a majority of our titles.

We constantly review the approaches that are most effective in meeting the objectives for your journal and revise them as the needs of our customers develop. A definite trend in marketing communications is that electronic marketing, i.e. using websites, search tools, alerts and e-mail communications, is becoming increasingly important. Electronic marketing offers improved speed of production, better response times, improved customer interaction, clearly measurable results, increase level of flexibility and is generally more cost-effective.

Here we describe separately the online, physical and print marketing channels that we use to maintain a high level of visibility and awareness for your journal throughout this summary, but in reality, a combination of approaches is in constant use.

Marketing Aims

We sell space in a wide range of our journals, allowing advertisers to target their message at specialists across a variety of subject areas.

Marketing department will be involved actively in following activities:

  • To provide maximum exposure to published articles, globally;
  • To act as interface between authors and corporate for consultancies &projects;
  • To market upcoming Management Development Programs, Faculty Training Programs, Conferences and Seminars, to generate maximum exposure at international level;
  • To organize events in collaboration with corporate, social authorities, government agencies, NGO’s, educational institutions for overall society upliftment;
  • To provide a full, bespoke, cost-effective marketing service for all our journals;
  • To offer full support to our society publishing partners, assisting in raising the society profile and increasing membership;
  • To promote usage of our journals to help retain subscriptions and improve impact factors;
  • To continue attracting the best submissions, maintaining and developing the quality of our content;
  • To grow and maintain subscriptions;
  • To give full support to all our key customers in the information chain, including subscribers, librarians and subscription agents;
  • To keep abreast of current market trends, responding to new developments and innovating with new techniques.

Our journal articles will help you build relationships with corporate, society, institutions, universities, individuals. We are pleased to offer discounts on reprints of specific articles to be used both for academic and marketing campaigns.

Marketing Strategy

At Pezzottaite Journals, we understand that not all journals have the same requirements. You could be looking to penetrate new markets, or maximize current ones. Perhaps you would like to grow your membership base, target a new market sector, or encourage papers from key authors in a particularly hot research area.

To address these diverse needs, we focus our approach on understanding the unique objectives of your journal, then putting into place strategic, customized marketing plans to support its development.

Our teams harness the full suite of marketing tools, including:

  • Email & Web Marketing;
  • Conference displays;
  • Direct mail outreach;
  • Publicity campaigns,;
  • Telemarketing.

 Marketing Communications & Research

Alongside with our core marketing activity, we provide detailed reporting to our publishing partners and undertake a variety of market research projects.


We provide full and regular reports to societies, keeping our colleagues informed of the welfare of their journal.

Focus Groups

A variety of focus groups and questionnaires allow us to capture expert information which informs both our marketing strategies and our product development.

Market Analysis

Our research keeps us abreast of market and industry trends, allowing us to explore new market sectors and territories as well as innovating with new marketing techniques.

Our Routes to Market

We use an extensive package of marketing techniques to achieve the widest possible distribution and readership for our marketing messages.

This will typically include the following:


More and more of our direct marketing messages are transmitted electronically, allowing us to provide a more tailored incisive and responsive service than ever before.

Techniques used include:

  • Email marketing;
  • Web advertising;
  • Search marketing;
  • Listserve promotions;
  • Embracing and developing emerging technologies, including RSS feeds, SMS messaging and blogs.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines play’s an important role in increasing the discoverability of content. We optimize our website content to improve contents position in the major search engine rankings. This serves to increase both the visibility of our sites and for our journals. We are intended to have appearance of links to Pezzottaite Journals websites in the top 10 results on the main search engines within the first six months of this initiative. We are also investigating the use of sponsored linking to display key titles when relevant searches are made.

Print Marketing

We will focus less on print marketing, just to produce small numbers of higher quality print material for niche market as display’s and insertions at conferences.

Pieces produced include sales letters, leaflets, brochures and catalogues. We also produce a wide range of profile-raising promotional giveaways for use at key conferences.

Individual Journal and / or subject specific advertisements can be placed in related Pezzottaite Journals (on an exchange basis and subject to publisher or society approval). Selectively, we will also advertise in non-Pezzottaite Journals titles when this has been identified as the best way to expand the current author base, for instance.

Exhibits & Conferences

Where appropriate, we will develop our presence at congresses in line with this trend and will emphasize electronic access more and more in our conferences-related activities. Pezzottaite Journals approach to attend such exhibitions and conferences depends on: delegate numbers, location, customer type and our objectives for the event. We attend meetings in good presence, including a stand for journals display; to distributing information or promotional materials about our journal publishing program; to disseminate information about our societies and publishing partners; and to demonstrate our online products and services.

We are intended to attend all national level conference initially and then shift our focus towards international conferences, either as a company or through an agent, to ensure that individual journal titles achieve maximum exposure to the relevant communities. Our promotional tools include a distinctive range of banners, posters and show cards.

Authors & Reviewers Workshops

Pezzottaite Journals will organize a number of author and / or reviewer workshops each year. The primary objective of these workshops would be to inform prospective authors and recruit new reviewers for specific journals. Close involvement of editor (s) or editorial board member is required and since each workshop will be customized for the promoted title (s), a limited number can be held successfully each season.

Press Releases

We distribute an increasing number of press releases annually which are circulated to relevant media contacts. These can be highlighting newsworthy findings from key papers or communicating new developments from Pezzottaite Journals to the industry.


We periodically run telemarketing campaigns as an effective way of contacting any lapsed institutional subscriptions.

Special Sales

Non-subscription revenues are increasingly important to journals, and it is our priority to maximize the revenue from reprints, supplements, translations, and bulk subscriptions.

Sales Support

Whatever your requirements, our experienced sales teams will work with you to ensure your journal reaches its full potential.

We work on values and offer services specifically for our Societies, Corporate Clients, Institutions and Authors, separately. Each partnership aims to fulfil the specific requirements of each society. We can tailor our publishing service to be fully comprehensive or offer individual service components.