We provide different services like advertising, reprint sales, supplements and electronic & media solutions to our corporate clients without compromising our service values. Advertising improves the visibility of your products and services among specialists in your field. Pezzottaite Journals offers a range of journals with focused readership. Many of our journals will soon get affiliations from prestigious societies and are distributed to their membership.

Publication of product-related articles in an extra issue of a peer reviewed journal builds brand awareness, supports the educational needs of your audience and validates the credibility of the content. Supplements are an effective way to communicate cutting-edge information about your products, research findings, therapeutic agents or procedures to a targeted readership of opinion leaders and decision makers.

With decisions increasingly referring to the evidence-base, you can be sure that our high quality content is influencing practice. Article reprints are an outstanding way to educate your audience and reinforce your product message. Use our content to provide a valuable and appreciated resource directly to your audience.

Pezzottaite Journals also provides library solutions, consultancies, training, information related to research to enhance your organization’s management training, learning and development.

We offer expert business management solutions and consulting to diverse clients by dedicating its domain expertise in different industries through its core ‘Business Verticals’. The driving theme is in its approach to customize the solutions across all sectors and clients.

Pezzottaite Journals follows service values:


All of our articles are peer reviewed. This ensures a recognized quality of publication, with greater acceptance and readership by the academic community.


A single point of contact across all of our services for each journal means that you get a fast and well organized response.


We have the versatility, time, and resources to help you with advertising enquiries, tailored services, and your special publishing requests.


Our team is dedicated to corporate clients and understands the specific needs of your company, industry, or agency.

Pezzottaite Journals is looking forward to work with you without compromising our service values.