Principle: "Our Support, Your Brand Equity"

Pezzottaite Journals aims to earn a reputation for publishing high-quality research in highly respected journals in their fields. We offer a targeted, professional audience for your advertising message.  

Your products and services will benefit from high visibility and exposure through print and online advertising with Pezzottaite Journals, enabling you to reach.

We ensure you that all our journals will find suitable target audience. Management is the immediate area of concern for Pezzottaite Journals, but we promises to expand our horizons to other disciplines very soon. Print advertising, inserts and banner advertising are available for a majority of our titles.

Benefits & Options


  • Precisely pinpointing your target market;
  • Page Advertisements and Inserts provide flexibility and enable you to feature a detailed range of your products in a different format;
  • Banner Advertisements and Sponsored Online Pages provide you with vast exposure to your target audience;
  • Optimal reach and impact within your target market;
  • Associate your message with highly respected, peer-reviewed journals;
  • Maximise exposure of your message thanks to the long shelf-life of our journals, strong partnerships with societies, libraries, and authors;
  • Association with high quality journals with a global reach;
  • Access to key target audiences, giving you exposure to internationally respected specialists, researchers and scientists with decision-making and purchasing power;
  • Advanced targeting by country and state of the art reporting and data analysis;
  • Attractive rates and a flexible pricing model, allowing you to decide how to spread impressions over time.


Pezzottaite Journals explores some of the marketing options available for your products: 

  • Associations of Institutions – Globally;
  • Universities, Institutions & Libraries;
  • Subscribers of Prestigious Recognised Titles;
  • Leading Society Memberships;
  • Conference Delegates;
  • Researchers Online.

Our corporate sales team offers a range of tailored services, incorporating both advertising and special sales.


Advertising improves the visibility of your products and services among specialists in your field. Pezzottaite Journals offers a range of journals with focused readership. Many of our journals will soon get affiliations from prestigious societies and are distributed to their membership.

When you want to be seen with content that counts; advertise with us and reach minds that matter. Our industry-leading publications give you the best visibility — our team will help you identify and target the right audience.

We offer a range of marketing solutions and deliver to your specifications: print, digital or both. The details are as below:

Display Advertising

Display advertising improves the visibility of your products and services among specialists in your field. We will try hard to hold a reputation for publishing high-quality research in highly respected journals in their fields. Pezzottaite Journals offer a targeted, professional audience for your advertising message.

Advertising in Pezzottaite Journals guarantees access to a key target audience of influential professionals—individuals with decision-making and purchasing power. Our journals are subscription based and enjoy a high rate of pass-along readership (via libraries and institutes).

Print Advertising

Print advertising is an effective way to build brand awareness. Research shows that print is still highly valued by our expert audiences. Journals that are received as part of a society membership package are especially popular.

Print advertising is available for all titles. Classified advertising is also available in a majority of titles. Print adverts in academic journals give you optimal reach and impact within your target market. Strong partnerships will results in a long shelf life for our journals and maximum exposure for your message.

Talk to us about how to achieve the maximum impact or to request a rate card / media pack for any of our journals. Advertising solutions that we offer include:

  • Full colour or black & white display advertising in a variety of sizes;
  • Special positions that can be booked in advance;
  • Selection of specific geographical regions;

Bound inserts, belly bands, bookmarks, reply paid cards or loose inserts.

Online Advertising

Reach readers while they are accessing our trusted content on Website. We can target impressions of your advertisements by journal, subject or region and report results in great detail.

In recognition of the increase in online usage, we have developed sophisticated online advertising options which complement print advertising. Online advertising will ensure that your promotions are seen by a wide audience of professionals directly interested in your market sector and can be targeted for optimum results.

Inserts, Wrap Around & Specials

In addition to print adverts in our journals, certain titles offer the option of inserts (loose and bound) and wrap around. An ideal way to get your message noticed or to compliment a print or online campaign. Contact our advertising team stating your journal or subject area of interest to find out what options are available.

Inserts provide flexibility and enable you to feature a detailed range of products in a different format. Inserts can also be placed within our titles. Pezzottaite Journals can insert your pre-printed inserts into any journal. This is a great way to distribute your literature straight into the hands of your target audience.

Banner Advertising & Sponsored eTOCs

We also offer the opportunity to place banner advertisements and messages on our website, either linked with your print advertising campaign, or as popup option. A promotional message of up to 60 words or a static banner can be included at the top of these emails. A message here can reach a highly targeted and engaged audience who have opted in to receive regular news about their subject of interest direct to their inbox.

E-mail Content Alerting Services

We offer sponsorship of targeted emails with high open and click-through rates. Reach active and engaged audiences around the world who have registered to receive contents alerts from their favourite journals or news about their specialist subjects.

Online users can stay up-to-date with the latest research developments via our suite of alerting services. We are planning for to extend support as:

  • Citation Alert: notifies you by e-mail when an article you select is cited by new articles added to Pezzottaite Journals;
  • Search Alert: notifies you by e-mail when a stored search retrieves new results, with direct links to the new search results;
  • Volume / Issue Alert: notifies you by e-mail when a new issue of a journal becomes available on Website;
  • Personalization / Topic Alerts: Topic alerts are predefined searches on a specific topic;
  • New Content Alert: when new issues are added to a particular journal;

The Pezzottaite Journals alert listed users' with most frequently downloaded journal articles.  This provides authors of top downloaded articles increased visibility and prestige, and encourages them to continue submitting to the journal.

Once alerts have been created they can be managed from the user's My Account section of the website. The service will be available shortly.

Audience Profile

In this complex world, you need access to a well-targeted, influential audience. With us, you'll reach the decision makers and key opinion leaders.

Our subscribers include Researchers & Scientists Communities, and Corporate. We are intended to target our journals to by many leading institutions and libraries throughout the world.

Targeted Advertising & Sponsorship

To ensure that you get the maximum ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI) for your company, we will help you find the most relevant and engaged audience for your marketing and educational message.


  • Discounts are available to Publishers and Agencies;
  • Series discounts are available to advertisers making more than one booking at a time;
  • There are also discounts available for publishers who have had their books reviewed in a journal.

Terms & Conditions

  • Cancellation of booked space within 7 days from the date finalization of deal, and will be subject to a cancellation fee of 20% of the original full price rate card charge;
  • Pezzottaite Journals reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement submitted for publication;
  • While every effort is made to publish an advertisement in the specified issue, the publisher cannot be held responsible if this is not possible. All advertisements are subject to editorial approval;
  • Advertisement files will be held for 1 year (One) after publication;
  • Where a loose insert exceeds 15g any additional postage costs will be passed onto the advertiser;
  • Payment for all advertising must be made within 30 days of date of invoice.

Contact us to make any enquiry regarding print advertising, inserts, or banner advertising or to place a booking in any of our journals at: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net


At Pezzottaite Journals, supplements offer the opportunity to publish and communicate your research and findings within a prestigious journal. We publish journals in a wide range of fields, and our commitment to the very highest standards of quality means that your supplement will achieve maximum impact. Furthermore, we take care to offer you the support and guidance that you require throughout the publication process. Supplements are expected to meet the same editorial standards as the journal.

Supplements are publications of single-topic articles of special educational merit and published in addition to the regular issues of the journal. It is a cost effective method of reaching a target audience of professionals, with all supplements being made available online on the journal's home websites. Copies are sent to subscribers and additional copies can be ordered for your own distribution.

Supplements may be based on the proceedings of meetings or an invited collection of manuscripts that are published through the financial support of non profit organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, device and equipment companies and / or their designates, or medical education companies. Supplements are mailed with the journal to the subscriber / membership base and with the option of ordering additional quantities for your use.

Industry sponsored supplements offer clients a self-contained method of making contact with a target audience of professionals to promote their message.

Publication of product-related articles in an extra issue of a peer reviewed journal builds brand awareness, supports the educational needs of your audience and validates the credibility of the content. Supplements are an effective way to communicate cutting-edge information about your products, research findings, therapeutic agents or procedures to a targeted readership of opinion leaders and decision makers. Our knowledge of the publishing industry and high ethical standards position us perfectly to provide you with a unique service. Our broad portfolio ensures we have a journal for your market – we will help you identify it.

Benefits of Publishing Supplements with Us

  • Association with a Generation Next Publisher;
  • Rapid publication - from acceptance to publication, a supplement is a timely means of disseminating educational information;
  • Quality content, peer-reviewed, and approved by the journal's editorial office;
  • Contents edited in the style and format of the parent journal;
  • Peer reviewed and editorially independent, your supplement will be high quality;
  • Additional copies and targeted mailing lists—your supplement can be distributed to a wider audience;
  • Multiple formats—print, online, CD-ROM, pre-loaded USB, email blast.

Supplement Proposal Pre-requisite

Supplements are expected to meet the same editorial standards as the journals to ensure that the material is interesting and relevant to the journal's readership. When submitting a proposal for supplements, provide us the following information:

  • Journal title;
  • Supplement working title;
  • Number of copies required (i.e. for a related meeting) - this will be in addition to those that are printed for distribution to the journals subscription base;
  • Date / location of meeting (i.e. single delivery address);
  • Whether to contain any colour (Yes / No);
  • Estimated page extent;
  • Any additional information e.g. use of company logos, advertisements to be included (these are subject to editorial approval).

We would provide a cost estimate based on the above details.

Editorial Approval

If you decide to proceed with publication based on acceptance of estimate / terms, we would then direct you to discuss content with the Editor-In-Chief. If preliminary approval is granted by the editorial office, you will be asked to submit manuscripts for Editorial and Peer Review.

Sponsored Subscriptions

Pezzottaite Journals offers sponsored subscriptions which provide a unique opportunity to repackage top international journals for distribution to the clients' own list or key customers and prospects.

Clients can also sponsor the online version of the journal.

Sponsored subscriptions offer you an unparalleled opportunity to position your company and brand with some of the premier publications in the world. Up-to-date, independent and authoritative, Pezzottaite Journals sponsored subscriptions enable you to offer your target audience with excellence.

Electronic & Multimedia Solutions 

You can distribute your published material electronically over the Internet. All our titles are accessible via the web, ensuring that your proceedings are viewed and read by more than just one journal's subscribers.

  • Banner Advertisements: can be placed on website, together with links to the client homepage, journal proceedings, and more. Banner Advertisements & Online Sponsorships provide you wide exposure to your target audience with measured results.
  • Online Supplements: An online version of your supplement can be posted on our site. Additions to the electronic version could include: e-mail addresses, product information and links.
  • CD-ROM: The contents of a supplement (or supplements) can be made available on CD-ROM for distribution at a specific congress, within a journal or for distribution via sales representatives.

Custom Publications  


Product and brand marketing increasingly requires organizations to build relationships with potential customers through in-depth engagement with opinion leaders and experts across the globe. A popular method of doing this is through sponsored webinars or podcasts.

Webinars, or webcasts, are video, audio or multimedia interactive presentations that provide content to a registered audience via the internet. They can be used for lectures, workshops or seminars and are an opportunity to use industry leaders to present new developments.

Hosting your Webinar with us will:

  • Build confidence in your brand;
  • Provide you with a targeted audience;
  • Deliver your message quickly and in an interactive, engaging way;
  • Provide you with support in promoting awareness and attendance with an email blast to your target audience;
  • Benefit from our reputation for high quality content.

We will work with you to provide the most effective solution for you:

  • Editorial or sponsor originated content;
  • A panel of experts and / or a moderator;
  • Interactive polling;
  • Custom branding;
  • Live event, also hosted long-term for ongoing referrals.


We have a range of additional sponsorship opportunities that give you visibility alongside our respected journals. Sponsored subscriptions to a journal, either in print or online, are a great way to provide our clinical material to your target audience.

Reprints, E-Prints & Translations 

Reprints are an excellent way to promote your company's message using a credible and timely source of information. Pezzottaite Journals provides high quality reprints of individual articles or collections of similar topic articles for your distribution to key decision-makers and opinion formers.

You can gain maximum recognition for your products by linking them with paper / article published in any of our journal. We ensure to provide wide exposure of your products and scientific research to a specific group by means of Commercial Reprints. We provide high quality reprints that can be ordered in bulk. These reprints can be produced as straight article reprints or with custom designed covers and, if required, the sponsor's name printed on or inside the cover for your distribution to key decision-makers and opinion formers. Reprints can usually be delivered to clients 2-4 weeks after receipt of the official order.

Whether for your sales teams or direct to your customers, reprints help you to deliver content from respected, peer-reviewed publications, in both digital and print formats.  With decisions increasingly referring to the evidence-base, you can be sure that our high quality content is influencing practice.

Article reprints are an outstanding way to educate your audience and reinforce your product message. Use our content to provide a valuable and appreciated resource directly to your audience.

Our reprints are produced to the highest standards. As a document designed to influence and educate your customers, we know it's important to use high quality paper, full colour printing, and a branded layout that conveys the publication from which the article was taken, whether it's a flyer, or a collection of articles or abstracts with a cover. We can also provide a digital or online version to enable you to email it or post it on your website.

Types of Reprints  

Hardcopy Reprints

Our hardcopy bulk article reprints are useful promotional tools not only at industry-specific exhibitions, conferences, and meetings but also for use by corporate sales representatives. Reproductions of original journal articles printed on high-quality paper. Reprints must be ordered in quantities of at least 100.


ePrints are an electronic alternative to hardcopy bulk article reprints. They are supplied as an encrypted link to the article you require. ePrints offer an innovative means of distributing key articles via multiple channels. You can use them on your website, USB memory sticks, CDs, or in an email campaign. This enables you to disseminate key findings about your product whilst associating your message with our respected medical journals.

E-prints are encrypted, electronic copies of works in PDF format that you can easily print, distribute via email, post on a website or use in e-detailing. E-prints must be ordered in quantities of at least 50.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer ePrints options that can be used for posting article reprints or supplements on your website or providing a mobile application:

  • Webtrack link ePrint;
  • Mobile ePrint;
  • Flash ePrint;
  • CD-Rom;
  • Pre-loaded USB.

Important: Both formats may be created with official journal covers, company logos, disclaimers and advertisements (subject to approval).

Translation Services

To help you extend the reach of your product, service or brand, we can guide you for accurate and comprehensive translation service.

Rush Delivery

Depending on your requirements we can offer a range of additional options and services - just let us know what you want:

  • Bulk order discounts;
  • Shrink-wrapping and hole punching service;
  • Rush delivery - our standard delivery times will depend on the specification of your particular project;
  • However, if you need a more urgent service we can liaise with our suppliers to find the best solution for you.

Benefits of Reprints

Article reprints carry the prestige, authority, and quality of the publication they are reprinted from. Pezzottaite Journals are peer-reviewed, written by internationally respected scientists, researchers, and practitioners in the world. Reprints can make a powerful impact at conferences and exhibitions.

  • Customization options are available (such as the inclusion of product disclaimers, prescribing information and, with selected journals, your company branding);
  • Our simple and efficient process means your ePrints will be ready within 5 working days;
  • Saves on warehousing and distribution costs.

Request a Quotation

When requesting a quotation, please ensure that you include the following information:

  • Journal name;
  • Title and author;
  • Volume and issue / supplement number;
  • Page numbers;
  • Description of what you want to use the material for and;
  • If you are requesting the quotation on behalf of a client company, the client's name;
  • Whether covers are required;
  • Any additional information e.g. use of company logos (these are subject to editorial approval).