Each partnership aims to fulfil the specific requirements of each community. We can tailor our publishing service to be fully comprehensive or offer individual service components.

Journal Development

Our editorial, marketing and production staff will work with community officers and academic editors to put together a comprehensive development plan for each journal. Aims and objectives will be matched with our quality and effort that ensures content is disseminated to the widest possible audience.

Citation, usage, funding and market intelligence data are used to assess the nature of the specific market in which a partner's journal is operating. Strengths and potential weaknesses are identified at the outset of a new partnership to inform the development plan.

Production Services

At Pezzottaite Journals we will incorporate a production service that is fast, responsive, effective and reliable. Our constant aim is to publish quality papers with accuracy, fast and efficiency, thereby best serving the needs of all those who commission a production service from Pezzottaite Journals. We are acutely aware of the need to publish research as quickly as possible and will ensure that content reaches the research community as soon as possible without compromising our trademark high standards.

We offer a positive author experience, taking full responsibility for content management. In all production steps from receiving the accepted manuscript through to publication online and print of the highest quality, we always ensure that our exacting and high standards are maintained.

It is our constant endeavour to provide consistently high quality end products, to schedule, at the optimum price. We always aim to exceed author expectations and make it a positive experience publishing with Pezzottaite Journals.

Best Pricing

Pezzottaite Journals aims to keep the prices at lowest without compromising the quality of research. With close contact with the librarian community through our advisory panel and access to their decision-making metrics, we are able to advise community the best policy for their future pricing.

Peer Review

We are able to offer advice and support for the community wishing to establish and improve their current peer-review systems.

Consortia & Licensing

Online journals increasingly being purchased through consortia licenses involving groups of libraries, our dedicated team can ensure maximum dissemination and revenue.

It is important to note that Consortia & Site Licence pricing will not result in you paying less for your existing subscriptions, but can add a great deal of invaluable content for a modest additional cost.

Open Access

Pezzottaite Journals ‘Open Window’ concept is introduced in order to meet the changing needs of the academic community and to experiment with this new business opportunity. The hybrid model has the benefit of maintaining the established subscription model with the added flexibility of offering authors the possibility of making the electronic version of articles freely available for there consumption.

Reader Engagement

Our primary objective is to develop the highest quality product for your readers, both in print and online. We maximize your visibility and readership through a variety of channels, ranging from traditional subscriptions to online access via intermediaries and consortia arrangements.

Library Support

Librarians are key decision makers in subscription purchasing and retention. To meet their specific needs, we provide ongoing support and a wide range of subscription options. In addition to traditional models, we offer flexible journal access through a variety of channels.

Member Benefits

We draw on our broad experience as a journal publisher to provide a full range of services for your members that can include:

  • User-friendly online access to your journal;
  • Exclusive online features and functionality;
  • Attractive discounts on journal;
  • A subscriber helpline to handle queries and problems.

Author Services

We understand the importance of attracting the best authors, and we ensure the level of service required to achieve this. We work with each author and editorial team to understand and meet the needs of your specific authors. This can include:

  • Online submission / copyright processing;
  • Rapid publication;
  • Proofs by email;
  • Publishing ahead of print.

 Customer Services

Our team take on all customer service and order processing responsibilities. Our representatives liaise with community to keep their member lists up to date and routinely deal with queries regarding customer subscriptions, missing issues, online queries, and payments on orders. From our Head office at Jammu, our customer service executive will deals with subscription, marketing, sales, media and different other type of queries, liaising directly from corporate, libraries and communities.

For our Readers & Subscribers, we offer:

  • Chance to contribute for society and environmental improvement through associations;
  • Join us as member of Editorial Board, Agents, and Reviewers;
  • Comprehensive list of journals with new launches;
  • Plagiarism Checker and Copyright Information;
  • A fast and user friendly search engine;
  • Text accessibility in PDF (Read only) formats;
  • Digital Archives;
  • Subscriptions for Individual, Corporate, Library, Publishers;
  • External links for Associates' websites;
  • Multiple online ordering options;
  • Platform to advertise your journals, conferences and seminars;
  • Promotion of materials on revenue sharing basis, with no cost involved on the publisher's part;
  • Online and Offline journal publication and management service;
  • Editorial Services;
  • Purchasing re-prints;
  • Technical Support and Downloads.

 Subscription Management

Pezzottaite Journals provides convenient and efficient service to subscribers worldwide. To ensure consistent service, department handle all aspects of the subscription process, including:

  • Receiving orders;
  • Processing payments;
  • Managing print and online subscriptions for individual and institutional subscribers;
  • Keeping mailing lists up to date;
  • Ensuring orders are processed for single and replacement copies;
  • Sending mailing labels to printer.