Our Aim: ‘Consultancies & Training for Continuing Professional Development’

Pezzottaite Journals provides library solutions, consultancies, training, information related to research to enhance your organization’s management training, learning and development. Benefits are:

  • Provide your managers with the latest thinking and best practice in their field;
  • Learn new ideas from today’s most influential experts;
  • Share strategies for success implemented by world class companies.

Pezzottaite Journalsoffers expert business management solutions and consulting to diverse clients by dedicating its domain expertise in different industries through its core Business Verticals. The driving theme is in its approach to customize the solutions across all sectors and clients.

Our Clients

Client list includes the prestigious names from the industries of retail, hospitality, travel & tourism, services, hotels, academic, telecom, power & energy.

Our client’s ranges’ from ‘Small to Large Scale Corporate Houses’, ‘MNC to Small Sized Firms’, Young Entrepreneurs who envision to broadening their horizon.

Our Verticals


Pezzottaite Journals Consulting operates as a management and strategic consulting arm, and offers multiple functional expert services to various sectors and industries, focusing on overall business improvement, solutions and increasing current operational efficiencies.


Pezzottaite Journals Research focuses on the constant need of data, study and analysis requirements from corporate, institutions and industries. The experts help in developing and implementing the methodologies to conduct market and consumer surveys for any product / brand and sector. We also conduct research studies for corporate and government bodies through our interns and management students from different prestigious institutions.

Consulting Services

Management Consulting

A bouquet of consulting services are offered by us which focuses on the specialized expertise to the clients who are operating in varied fields and are intended to improve their efficacy through dynamic procedures & solutions. 

Marketing Consulting

Marketing and promotion are the vocals of a company. A strong marketing channel and techniques helps a company to increase its footprint and grow quickly in a shorter span of time. Pezzottaite Journals has experts to suggest clients in improving their marketing skills or introducing new techniques to help them maintain a better positioning.

Retail Consulting

  • Retail Store Performance & Productivity Analysis;
  • Merchandise & Category Management;
  • Location Feasibility;
  • Retail Space Selling;
  • Branding & Product Development.

Hospital Management Consulting

Our domain experts are capable of helping out the existing and new hospital chains and standalone healthcare units. This is a very niche area where relevant expertise across the entire hospital value chain is quintessential for success. We offer all services in the value chain to help the hospitals gain business edge and management efficacy.

Our Strategies

Business Strategy

Pezzottaite Journalsoffers a unique expertise of management consulting which covers a 360° degree approach.

Corporate Strategy

Every corporate need to develop and redevelop its strategies as per their changing business needs. Pezzottaite Journalshas the expertise to provide complete solutions on formulating corporate strategies; from designing business models and developing business plans for new business units to making implementation strategies.

Market Entry Strategy

Every new business needs to strategize on how to venture into a new market with existing or new product. Pezzottaite Journalshas the right experts to help the clients in working out the models and plans on entering a new market with right approach and detailed strategies.

Small Scale Startup Strategy

An excellent business idea turns into a successful business venture when all the aspects of initial start up is worked out in detail and road map is strategize well. Our team can help the new start ups to formulate the business ideas into a well thought out business plan and suggesting and helping on getting introduced into the market.

HR Solutions & Training Development 

HR Solutions

Human Resources are the pillars of an organization and having the right skills is one of the critical challenges an organization faces. We understand this very requirement and thus offer the recruitment service of skilled professional for any sector / industry at all levels and designations from junior, mid management to senior management.

Training Development

Leadership Skills Development & Corporate Mentoring

Some are born leaders but most acquire the skills to be great leaders. In today’s competitive world and changing market scenario, companies look for more from the managers than just their assigned deliverables. Pezzottaite Journalsconducts short period workshops on leadership development and corporate mentoring for the managers from mid to senior level.

HR Training & Development

Acquiring right human resource skills is important for an organization but retaining and developing them sometimes become challenging and critical, that’s why regular training and development are gaining grounds in the management agenda. Pezzottaite Journalsunderstands the needs of specialized training and development programs for different sectors and provides the services of conducting customized training program workshops for sales staff to back office managers.

Management Development Programs

These workshops help in enhancing the core strengths of managers and superiors to align well with their team and lead them by examples. We have the resources as also the expertise to conduct Management Development Programmes (MDPs) across diverse industry verticals across all management cadres.

Focus Industries  

  • Accountancy & Business Services;
  • Advertising, Marketing & PR;
  • Banking & Finance;
  • Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals;
  • Business & Consumer’s Services;
  • Charity & Development Work;
  • Chemicals;
  • Clothing, Footwear & Fashion;
  • Communications;
  • Construction;
  • Creative Arts & Media;
  • Education & Training;
  • Energy and Utilities;
  • Engineering;
  • Environment & Agriculture;
  • Fashion & Design;
  • Financial Services;
  • Food & Drink;
  • Giftware, Jewellery & Tableware;
  • Government & Public Administration;
  • Healthcare & Medical;
  • Hotels;
  • Household Goods, Furniture & Furnishings;
  • Human Resources & Recruitment;
  • Information Technology;
  • Law;
  • Leisure & Tourism;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Media;
  • Power;
  • Property;
  • Public-Private Partnerships;
  • Publishing;
  • Research & Development;
  • Retail;
  • Science & Technology;
  • Security;
  • Small Scale Industries;
  • Social Care;
  • Software & Computer Services;
  • Business To Business (B2B);
  • Sports & Leisure Infrastructure;
  • Textiles, Interior Textiles & Carpets;
  • Transport & Logistics;
  • Travel & Tourism;
  • Water.


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