Pezzottaite Journals is a not-for-profit publisher dedicated to the world-wide dissemination of knowledge across a wide range of subject areas. Our charitable status allows us to offer society partners a uniquely stable publishing environment in a volatile market place and total commitment to academic excellence, free of short-term shareholder demands. We are also able to reinvest surpluses back into the programme to the benefit of all our journals.  We seek to set the standard in editorial and production values and online distribution and offer our partners the benefits of a global sales and marketing network. 

Pezzottaite Journals recognizes the unique needs of the scholarly societies and their journals in the rapidly changing information industry. Pezzottaite Journals develops its individual strength on Quality, Vision, and Impact.  We can work with societies to develop society journals by setting up the shared priorities, set realistic goals, increase global readership, increase new submissions to the individual society journals.

Pezzottaite Journals recognises the need of its publishing partners to maintain a large degree of independence while at the same time requiring a high level of professional publishing advice and support. The service we offer our individual partners is based on a thorough understanding of their goals and requirements, which informs the activity we conduct on their behalf.

Pezzottaite Journals presents an opportunity to provide global exposure and out-reach of your journals through our efforts. Different academic publishers are invited to avail 'FREE' Listing of their journals on our website to have global positioning of their journal with different Universities’ Libraries and Corporate, Globally.

Facilities for online-Journal management and marketing are available for both online as well as for offline publishers along with an option to go online with Pezzottaite Journals in the future. The successful integration of editorial, production, and marketing efforts is the USP for Pezzottaite Journals over others. We partner with you at every stage of the publishing process to ensure our service meets the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Pezzottaite Journals dedicated to partner-up with number of organizations to put research into practice.

We want to have a strong tradition in partnering with other organizations to carry out projects and consultancies, research and publications work, and to setup a joint research awards to recognize the best management research being published worldwide. We have an active partnership publishing programme and are keen to talk to other bodies about potential collaborative journal’s launches. We are intended to work with many organizations to promote their work through shared conference promotion and journal special issues.

Global Reach

Pezzottaite Journals is committed to promote your high-impact papers globally. An in-depth understanding of the global markets in which we operate informs everything we do. Our experienced teams across the world pool market intelligence to understand and meet the needs of each specific market and inform our sales and marketing efforts on a global scale.

Editorial Excellence

Maximize the reach and impact of your content while maintaining firm control of your editorial policy. We’re committed to helping you develop and enhance your editorial content and quality at all times, both online and in print.

Values & Philosophy

At Pezzottaite Journals, we have a straight forward approach to learned society and professional association publishing partnerships. Our goal is to help you realize – and exceed – your aspirations and ambitions for your journal, through high quality services tailored to the real challenges and opportunities you face.

Communication & Collaboration

Our approach is founded on open communication and intelligent engagement. We aim to meet annually, at the least, with different editors and society officers, to discuss each journal and how it might progress. These meetings are informed by reports detailing the previous year’s subscription data, finances, online readership and marketing activities. We will supply analysis of article downloads and other bibliometric data – information that our partners find to be extremely useful. Each journal benefits from a dedicated in-house team of publishing professionals, covering Production, Marketing and Editorial functions. Our partners value both our friendly, communicative approach and the long-term continuity of staff within each journal team.

Helping Society

Pezzottaite Journals provide a range of additional benefits to aid your mission – from preferential access to our journals, discounts through cross-promotion of your society brand to bespoke websites.

A Flexible & Supportive Partner

Partnership with us will brings economies of scale, cutting edge publishing technology, world class Marketing and Global Sales reach, whilst preserving the attention to detail and personal touch that the research community associates with your journal.

Quality Production

With a deep, specialized knowledge of the production and distribution process, Pezzottaite Journals can provide exceptionally high-quality service and advice to editors, authors, and readers. The Publishing Editor assigned to your journal will work closely with your editorial team to design a schedule and tailor procedures to meet their precise needs. From receipt of copy through copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, producing electronic files, conducting quality assurance, printing, binding, and posting online, Pezzottaite Journals will oversee every step of the production process for each journal.

Contact us for any inquiry and information at: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net