CSR at Pezzottaite Journals aims "Good for Business & Good for Society"

Pezzottaite Journals contributes to the communities in which we live and work, through our support of non-profit cultural, educational, health, environmental, social service, and publishing-industry related organizations with corporate contributions. We support organizations that have meaning for our colleagues, providing direct grants to organizations and institutions as well as matching colleagues’ monetary donations and volunteer service with cash. We encourage and support our colleagues’ voluntarism. We give back to the professional and scholarly communities we serve through our corporate contributions, prizes, scholarships, and participation in industry initiatives.

Pezzottaite Journals embraces its responsibility to the communities in which it operates and to society at large. We have a clear vision for Corporate Social Responsibility: we act responsibly as a corporate good citizen in local, regional and international communities and in the business and scholarly world. We help further society and the sustainability of human interests by funding and improving access to scholarly research, protecting our environment and nurturing our employees. We adhere to a high set of ethics and values, which guide our governance procedures and daily management decisions. Rrefer our ‘CSR Policy’ for more information.

Strategy for achieving CSR

Support Scholarly Research

We believe that the research presented in the journals we publish can help business leaders with sustaining economies – now and in the future. We consider it our social responsibility to invest in research endeavours. We planned to fund researchers around the world through our Research Awards Programme and through sponsorships.

Make Research Accessible

As an active participant in the global research community, we foster management research and help bring it to publication through our publishing policy and research development programme. Embedded in our policy are the fundamental principles of internationality and relevance to practice. These are the cornerstones our editorial objective. We foster the distribution of research to (and from) researchers located around the world. We set targets for international representation of our journal contributors and we measure performance against these.

Use Technology Responsibly

Pezzottaite Journals is firmly committed to adhering to publishing industry standards, ensuring that our electronic products and services can be accessed and used by everyone – regardless of location.

Sustain and Protect our Environment

We recognize and accept our responsibility to help create an increasingly sustainable environment. Our company policies and actions are designed to reduce our carbon footprint, and encourage the protection of the environment.

Observe High Ethical Standards in Business and Employee Relationships

At Pezzottaite Journals, we strive for transparent business operations and performance. We adhere to a high set of ethics and values, which guide our governance procedures and daily management decisions. We believe that our responsibility as good corporate citizens includes making our workforce happy and ensuring the equitable treatment of everyone. At Pezzottaite Journals, we believe in adding value globally, locally, and within our own society. We fully involve ourselves with employees to achieve it.

Initiative to Develop Different Groups

  • Consultative Group who meet bi-annually with Senior Management to discuss business and staff issues;
  • Connect Group who are responsible for social and charity initiatives;
  • Green Group, who are leading an action plan for us to improve our environmental credentials.

Refer our Green Initiatives’, ‘Society Upliftment Initiatives’, and ‘Global Citizenship & Under Developed Nation Initiatives’ for more information.

Contact us for any inquiry and information at: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net