Principle: "Older We Become, More The Responsibility"

Pezzottaite Journals will implement a strategic initiative to measure our performance, set realistic targets, and drive change in our social and environmental policies, practices, and programs. We are building on the policies, practices, and programs where we already have a positive impact on our colleagues, authors, customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders, and neighbours around the world. Nonetheless, there a lot of work to be done to extend the firm volunteer and philanthropic programs, globally, and better communicate our governance practices. We are extending our efforts into selected additional areas of corporate social responsibility of importance to our stakeholders that include: energy, reducing carbon, waste management, supply chain policies, and backward class upliftment initiatives as well. It may take years to reach some of our ultimate goals, but we intend to achieve measurable improvement from year to year. Our commitment is for the long-term.

We are intended to work at the heart of the effort to improve the lives of people living in less wealthy parts of the world, especially in under developed nations as declared by WHO & UN.

Contact us for any inquiry and information at: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net