Pezzottaite Journals is committed towards upliftment of society segments through different activities such as:

Local Initiatives

We are committed to support the local community and to form a close partnership with schools in tribal areas and outskirts area of the state. Our partnership will be in form as making financial contributions, donation of books, reading and writing materials, medical facilities, free basic education, old age homes and employment generation activities for men and women on those areas.

Nominate a School / NGO

It is a charitable scheme, under this, Pezzottaite Journals employees are invited to nominate a school or an NGO that they would like to receive a donation from us. 

Encouraging Learning World Wide

We are strongly committed to the international dissemination of the scholarships as a percentage of our earnings. We are particularly concerned to ensure its effective availability beyond the major industrialized nations. 

Fundraisers Initiatives & Donations

In addition to above, the fund raisers activities and donations to support the ignored community group with in India and around the world. As charity begins from home, Pezzottaite Journals will initiate employees’ charitable activities and holds fundraisers events at office and also at different industrial estates of the country.

Contact us for any inquiry and information at: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net