Our Support For Agents

Marketing Opportunities

Your efforts to promote our publications are appreciated and are very important to our business. We are working to build a rewarding marketing and sales relationship that supports our efforts of collaborative business activities. We are pleased to provide subscription agents with marketing materials for our publications. We are also happy to work with you to promote specific events, product packages, special offers and our new publications.

Banner Advertisements / Online Promotions

Promotional banners, skyscrapers, cover shots, and text for online catalogues can be designed and get ready, mutually, for your use in the way as you like. A number of printed promotional brochures will be made available to you free of cost. Any requirement of promotional material need to be communicated to us one month before the date of events, conferences, seminars, to ensure there availability on time.

We can also supply some leaflets and brochures in print-ready PDF format for you to overprint with your company name and contact details. All such overprints must follow our approvals before use.

Catalogue Advertisements / Prints

Each year we intended to produce a variety of advertisements in multi-colour, and black & white, and will be made available for subscription agent use. If you would like us to consider placement in your catalogues please provide us with size and format specifications.

Joint Promotions

We welcome any possibility to work jointly, to support localized marketing campaigns, irrespective of areas and work conditions. These campaigns include support as promotional material and any other expenses on sharing basis. For consideration, submit an outline marketing plan.

Newsletters & Updates

We intended to produce a regular newsletter (print & online) to keep you updated on price changes, special offers, promotions and publication launches. 

Sample Issues

You are free to demand Pezzottaite Journals issues in order to promote our publications at any events. You are required to submit a request stating the number of copies desired, with detailed information about event that must include dates, organizing authority, sponsored associations, conformation of delegate’s attendance information etc. Pezzottaite Journals need a month advance notice to ensure there availability on time.

Training & Platform Orientation

Our training team runs training sessions for subscription agents. We run dedicated training sessions for subscription agents and can provide bespoke product presentations on request.


Promotional brochures will be made available to you free of charge. If you need any brochures or leaflets for a specific event or meeting please provide details 2-4 weeks ahead of the date so we can ensure your leaflets reach you on time.

We also supply some leaflets and brochures in print-ready PDF format for you to overprint with your company name and contact details.

Terms & Conditions

Subscription Agents Discount

Institutional subscription rates are subject to a 10% discount.


Prices are effective for all volumes, unless otherwise specified, and are subject to change without notice. Subscriptions are available for 'Bundled', or for online only, or for print only. Please note that reduced rate subscriptions do not give online access unless specified.


All subscriptions are payable in advance and all rates include postage by air where applicable.

Subscriptions are entered on an annual basis, i.e. January to December. Prices are effective for all volumes and are subject to change without notice. VAT / Taxes as applicable will be charged.

All subscriptions should be paid in (Rs) subject to exchange rate prevailing at that time against $.

For consolidated orders, the actual recipient (end-user) mailing address must also be provided or online access will not be possible for those customers.


The subscription prices quoted include delivery by air where appropriate.


Claims for issues not received should be made within 6 months of the date of publication, or upon receipt of the next issue, whichever is the sooner. Please note that, while every effort is made to maintain the advertised publication schedule, it may sometimes not be possible to despatch an issue in the month for which it had been advertised. No refunds of subscriptions will be made after the first issue of the year has been dispatched.

Change of Address

Please give four weeks advance notice whenever possible, and be sure to include the title of the journal, and the complete old mailing address, as well as the new address. Please provide any reference numbers.

Sample Copies & Leaflets

Free print sample copies are supplied to subscription agents and their clients, subject to availability. Leaflets giving more information are also available.


Orders are regarded as firm and no refunds of subscriptions will be made after the first issue of the journal for the year has been despatched.


Booksellers ordering journals should note the 10% discount policy that prepayment is required, and that returns are not accepted.

Price list shows rates for print plus online subscriptions and electronic-only subscriptions. However, print-only rates are available for most journals if you have a customer who is unable to take advantage of the online access. You should note that customers receiving either the print plus online subscriptions or electronic-only subscriptions benefit from free access to all volumes online.