Pezzottaite Journals™ and other marks indicated on our website and the logo forms, are trademarks and / or service marks (the “Trademarks”) of Pezzottaite Journals, a not for profit corporation organized and existing under the laws of India, registered at: Saraswati Lane, Adjacent Artistic Dance & Fitness Studio, Near Modern Dewan Beverages, Jammu Tawi, Jammu & Kashmir -180002, India.. Pezzottaite Journals™ is our trademark and no one else can use it without our permission. Pezzottaite Journals™ as trademark and logo may not be used in connection with any product or service in class 16 and 41. All other trademarks not owned by the Pezzottaite Journals that appear on this website are the property of their respective owners, who may or may not be affiliated with, connected to, or sponsored by the Pezzottaite Journals.

Pezzottaite Journals owns 'P' & 'J' brand and related services.

Pezzottaite Journals™ styles, logos, slogans and services (together, 'P' & 'J') is the most valuable asset of Pezzottaite Journals. Following guidelines protects the value of 'P' & 'J' trademarks. Following are the guidelines for the proper use of brand 'P' & 'J' for publishers and other third parties. Any use of / or reference to 'P' & 'J' that is inconsistent with 'P' & 'J' trademark policy or these guidelines, or other unauthorized use of or reference to 'P' & 'J' or marks that are confusingly similar to 'P' & 'J', is prohibited and may violate 'P' & 'J' trademark rights.

With 'P' & 'J', we aim to encourage others to use and contribute quality articles for publication. Trademarks are used as a guarantee to users and customers of products and services. Trademarks differentiate goods and services and identify their origin. 'P' & 'J' trademark policy attempts to balance between two competing interests: 1) Need of 'P' & 'J' to ensure that its trademarks remain reliable indicators of quality and security; and, 2) need of 'P' & 'J' to ensure researchers, authors, editors, reviewers, publishers, society, corporate members, distributors and other parties that we exits, and to extend them the platform to discuss 'P' & 'J' and to describe their relationship with 'P' & 'J'.

Contact us for any questions with respect to these guidelines at: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net


Please follow these guidelines carefully. They are designed to ensure proper use of 'P' & 'J' as trademark and to prevent confusion that can result disputes in future.

Corporate, Publishers, Distributors, need to take permission from us to use / or to continue using 'P' & 'J' name in connection of products and services as stated in class 16 and 41, or chance the name of that product or service. 'P' & 'J' trademark policy and usage guidelines are applied only to those products and services that are published after 'P' & 'J' trademark was published.

Pezzottaite Journals Logo

Pezzottaite Journals is abbreviated as 'P' & 'J' that will / may be used for agreements, licences, business and legal purpose in future. Pezzottaite Journals bear the Trademark Number: 2172777; Under Class - 16 & 41.

Fair use of 'P' & 'J' Trademark

You may make fair use of 'P' & 'J' word and logos to make true factual statements about 'P' & 'J', or to truthfully communicate that your product or service offerings are in compatible with, was designed for 'P' & 'J'. You cannot use 'P' & 'J' logos or stylizations of 'P' & 'J' word marks or other 'P' & 'J' trademarks unless you have explicit written permission to do so. You never should in any way state or imply that 'P' & 'J' produces, endorses, or supports your company, products, or services unless you have explicit written permission to do so.

When making fair use of a 'P' & 'J' trademark, you should acknowledge that Pezzottaite Journals owns the 'P' & 'J' trademark. The following language is appropriate: "[Insert mark used] is a trademark of Pezzottaite Journals, India".

Proper use of 'P' & 'J' Trademark

- Use a 'P' & 'J' trademark as an adjective followed by the generic name / noun.

A trademark is neither a noun nor a verb.

Correct: 'P' & 'J' articles / papers help . . .

- Do not use a 'P' & 'J' trademark in the plural or possessive form, and never hyphenate or abbreviate.

Correct: Quality of 'Pezzottaite Journals' journals or articles . . .
Incorrect: Pezzottaite's unique properties . . .

- Do not modify 'P' & 'J' trademark.

Even a seemingly innocuous deviation may create a new and different trademark.
Do not shorten, abbreviate or create acronyms out of 'P' & 'J' trademarks.

- Use proper notice of trademark.

- Distinguish 'P' & 'J' trademark from surrounding words.

Capitalize the first letter from word 'P' & 'J'.

- Use of trademarks in publications.

'P' & 'J' trademark can be referred, discussed, used in publications or in connection with presentations and publications provided that the use is referential only, does not contain use of 'P' & 'J' as a trademark and the usage has no commercial context.

You may reference 'P' & 'J' on the cover and title of a publication provided you comply with the guidelines herein and the following specifications:

Your name and / or logo should appear more prominently than the 'P' & 'J' mark on all printed materials related to the publication;

You should include a disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by 'P' & 'J' on the publication and on all related printed materials:

Correct: "(Title) is an independent (publication) and is not affiliated with, authorized by, sponsored by, or otherwise approved by Pezzottaite Journals."

- You may use a 'P' & 'J' trademark as the leading word in the title of a single book but only if you have written permission to do so from Pezzottaite Journals.

- You may not use a 'P' & 'J' trademark or any other words or logo (s) in a manner that suggests 'P' & 'J' or Pezzottaite Journals affiliation, sponsorship or certification of the publication.

- Visual identity guidelines for 'P' & 'J' logos:

'P' & 'J' logo is to be displayed on light background (avoid mid-tone or strongly coloured backgrounds);

'P' & 'J' logo should not be displayed in parts, with colour variations, or with other elements superimposed on top of the logo;

Colours of 'P' & 'J' logo:

Dark Gray Background with light Gray colour filled with in alphabets 'P' & 'J' nominated as "LOGO" for 'Pezzottaite Journals' trademark,

Sizes of 'P' & 'J' logo:

'P' & 'J' logo should not be displayed in a screen with the logo portion at a size smaller than 25px high;

'P' & 'J' logo should not be displayed in print with the logo portion at a size smaller than 1cm high;

Use of 'P' & 'J' website mark-up.

- 'P' & 'J' do not intend to exercise any copyrights it may have in any HTML / CSS underlying its pages to prevent you from copying or reusing that HTML / CSS. However this does not grant you any rights to use the trademarks, style, slogans, trade names, the service marks of 'P' & 'J'.

Prohibited use of 'P' & 'J' Trademark

- Do not make reference to 'P' & 'J' trademark in a manner that is false or misleading;

- Do not combine or use a 'P' & 'J' trademark with your company's product or service name or any other term unless you have written permission to do so. Use of 'P' & 'J' trademark in that sort of way would NOT be a fair use;

- Do not use 'P' & 'J' logo or names in any commercial or marketing context unless you have explicit written permission from Pezzottaite Journals to do so. Also, do not incorporate a 'P' & 'J'' trademark into your company's logos or designs;

- Do not use 'P' & 'J' trademark as your domain names or as part of your domain names;

- Do not use 'P' & 'J' trademark in a manner that would disparage 'P' & 'J', its products, or services (e.g., untruthful advertising, false / misleading promotional materials, etc.);

- Do not use 'P' & 'J' trademark more prominently than your own company, product or service name;

- Do not create your own logos to represent 'P' & 'J' products or services;

- Do not use a 'P' & 'J' logo on the cover of a book or magazine without written permission from Pezzottaite Journals;

- Do not use a 'P' & 'J' logo on posters, brochures, signs, websites, or other marketing materials to promote your events, products or services without written permission from Pezzottaite Journals;

- Do not alter a 'P' & 'J' word mark or 'Pezzottaite Journals' logo in any way.

Revision of 'P' & 'J' Trademark Documents

When trademark policy or these trademark usage guidelines are revised, the updated and most current version will be posted at www.pezzottaitejournals.net. Pezzottaite Journals may release new versions of 'P' & 'J' trademark policy or related documents at any time without notice.

Permissions From Us

Contact us to obtain written permission for proposed use of 'Pezzottaite Journals' trademark at: contactus@pezzottaitejournals.net